Egyptian Chronicles: Mubarak Museum in Kyrgyzstan !!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mubarak Museum in Kyrgyzstan !!!

Kyrgyzastan , name of a country I know most Egyptians know nothing about it except may be that it is an ex-Soviet country according to its name "The Stan" family by guessing of course as other than they know zero .

except may be that far away country is going to make a museum for our president !!!

Oh yes Kyrgystan decided to build a museum for Mubarak in its arm forces museums and before you wonder why a country build a museum for another country's president that already it has no relations with  I will tell why .

It turned out Mubarak studied for a while in their academy for aviation near their Bishkek . If you do not know Mubarak as an air fighter studied in the Soviet Union for couple of years in 1960s ,already the man till can speak Russian very good .

Look this is very silly ,for God I do not know what they will put in that museum , his pictures in the academy , come on it does not deserve a whole museum !! already I visited the so-called Mubarak museum in Abdeen Palace museums in the school and I remember it was so boring , nothing in it except the Silver planning for the Holy sites in Mecca , a Present from late King Fahd "May Allah bless his soul" other than that nothing interesting it was just made to show off his decorations from other countries and shields of honors he received every year from the army ,the decorations of Mohamed Ali Royal in their museum were much more interesting !!

Seriously do not they have any historical figure that really contributed to the history of their country that really deserves to have a museum !!

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  1. May be they are looking for attention and want to compete with their neighbor to the north 'Kazachstan', made famous by the character "Borat". The question is what he think about that strange proposal?

  2. I do not know Ohio seriously , I checked about this country and it seemed that they do not have any special personality to celebrate it
    We do not have an embassy there already and the relations are still in their early phase , may be they wanted to enforce the relations , those people really respect Egypt as a Muslim country and the only way they know how to do is through praising the president as used to do in the Soveit era

  3. Dear Zenoubia,
    Maybe what they have among their historical figures are even worse compared to ours. By the way, I guess you are very sympathetic with royalty, whether it was Farouk of Egypt, or Fahad of Saudi. Am I right?

  4. by the way I forget to tell you that in the country of Borat there is an University called Mubarak and Nour ¨Something 'their president

  5. @Dr.Eyad , may be they do
    about me and the Royalty , I feel sympathy for Farouk and his family even before the TV series ,I read books which were fair to them ,I also read articles , his era was not that bad , the reolution unfortunately made it look so bad , cancelling our history pre-1952 despite all the achievements that took place and can make any Egyptian proud of his country
    I do not like trashing the whole history of Egypt
    about Saudi Arabia I do not like their Royalty style so much , yet I won't be fair if I said they were so bad in their country and did nothing in it , by the way my only favorite Saudi Monarch was king Faisal

  6. LOL!

    Good one Zeinobia, :)) You gave me a good laugh! Thanks!

  7. do not like trashing the whole history of Egypt
    about Saudi Arabia I do not like their Royalty style so much , yet I won't be fair if I said they were so bad in their country and did nothing in it

    This is the kind of wisdom world should wish for its youth!


  8. @Naj you did not see how turned in to a joke in the Egyptian street ,that they didnot publish it again in official media

  9. Al-Hajaj Ibn Youssef Al-Thak'fy10/26/2007 03:11:00 PM

    why does an Iranian talk about Egypt?

  10. Al-Hajaj Ibn Youssef Al-Thak'fy10/26/2007 03:45:00 PM

    How come Zeinobia you allow an Iranian enemy to make fun of our president.

    Even if we don't like him our enemies must show respect wheneve they are talking about him.

  11. Because she can ,and because she is my friend and I won't accept any racist attack against her

  12. Iranians are not our enemy , do we have wars with them ???

    I am sorry but the Israelis come and comment here ,I do not see any reason to unwelcome Iranians to welcome here

  13. Al-Hajaj Ibn Youssef Al-Thak'fy10/26/2007 06:20:00 PM

    Dearest Miss Zeinobia,

    They are our enemies.

    We warred them along with Iraq in 1988, it was our missiles and operational planners that wiped them off el fao! and killed them in thousands.

    Secondly, they are our enemies because they are killing and ethnically cleansing our Arab brothers in Iraq. They are our enemies because they are occupying Iraq. They are our enemies because they destabilisng the whole Arab world just to get away with their nuclear project and to be able to enter the entire Arab world.

    They aour enemies because they are full of grudge and hatred toward our language culture and civiulsation.

    They are our enemies because they have been nothing but trivial barabrians through out their entire history hadn't it been for the Arab babylonians anmd later on the Musklim Arabs. Still they are so full of grudge against the Arabs who educated them and turned them into quasi-civilised people

    About Israelians, well, there is nothing we can do about Israel at the moment except trying to contain them and to keep them isolated in the Arab world.

    Iran on the other hand is far more dangerous, because once they have De-Arabised Iraq and converted it into a Persian proctorate while they hide behind fanatic shiite slogans on the one hand, and while they portray themselves to Islamists as Muslim non-sectarian state. While actually their version of shiism is very intrumental in serving persian nationalis interets as it is inevitably interwined with Persian nationalism.

    They are enemies because they are trying to steal our sphere of influence in the Arab world as they want to become the political and cultural capital of the region. There we have to cut off their heads before ti is too late.

    Finally, I assure you that the Islmaic regime in Iran won't survive for long as the majority of Iranians are persian nationalists who dont lke the islaic regime, what brings them together however is their grudge on Arabs.

    Sooner than what you expect, Iranian nationalists will ascend to power. Alas, the Islamic republic by then will have accomplished it is goals by persianisng Iraq and turning Iran into the dominant powr in the region.Thjen the Irani-Israeli alliance will come back

    In case you have noticed, all the leaders of Iran never mention the word ARAB WORLD OR ARAB COUNTRIES, THEY ONLY SAY ISLAMIC COUNTRIES or MIDDLE EAST. That is their strategy, since they want to dilute the Arab identity of the region so as to present themselves as the main regional power. For, they can only get around the fact that they are not Arabs by using their pseudo Islamic discourse.

  14. I am sorry are not we a Muslim country ?? is not the Arab world originally a part from the Muslim world ??
    You know the Muslim world is greater and bigger than the Arab world , and also it is much more older
    There are Turkey and Iran and both are not Arab ,what would they do ?? we are actually in the middle east and these are Muslim countries
    by the way before engaging in long talk that I am tired off about Arabs and Iranians ,I remind not to forget that the one who helped to spread the idea of the Arab world was the British Invasion in order to encourage the Arabs to rebel against the Othman Empire if you remember
    By the way just for record President Mubarak apologized for President Khatami for engaging in Saddam Useless war
    Al-Hajjaj , this topic is closed and I am not going to debate in it again , Naj and any Iranian are welcomed here just like any other person and I won't let any one insult them I had enough from that nonsense ,this is my blog and these are my rules

  15. Al-Hajaj Ibn Youssef Al-Thak'fy10/26/2007 08:05:00 PM

    Dearest Zeinobia,

    I guess you are right the issuse must be closed. However, just allow me the indulgence to put in a final comment on this complex issue then we are done!

    of course we are muslims Zeinobia. But islam is just a religon. Arabism is a solid nationality.

    Secondly, Iran is not part of the middle east! Persian culture is essentially Indian! persians only came out on the world scene in around 500 B.C. The whole near east had always been "SEMITIC. It was them who wiped out and destroyed the ancient Egyptian and Iraqi civilisations. After the Muslim Arabs had liberated the region they remained shut out of it, untill very recently when the Americans destroyed Iraq which was acting as a shield against their malicious advance!

    As for the ottomanians, those were retarded barabrians. When the Turks ruled the muslim world instead of Arabs , they brought down Islam and went behind the west in all aspects.

    The British didnt invent Arabism, iot has always been there. They simply helped the Arabs in the beginig against the Turks .

    Also, the Arab world is much older than the muslim world. Arabs are semites who are the descendants of Babylonians, Egyptians Yemense...etc . Where, the elemnts in comon among the various ancient semitc cultures were by far more solid than those that existed between different chinese provinces or the various different peoples who inhabit the Iranian plateau and are collectively known as Persians

    Turks are orginally central asian barabric tartaric tribes they were enslaved by the Arabic conquests of central Asia. They inhabited Asiua minor around the 11 century!

    Moreover, Modern Turkey is trying to become a part of Europe as well as it is a natural ally of Israel.

    Also it was the terroris´t khomeini who started the war. The freak tried to export the revolution to the southern Iraqis and their retarded slogans resisted vehmently Sadam's attempts to secualrise and modernise the south.

    in 1979 Bani sadr and the terrorist freak Khomeini stated the revolution will only end in Bahgdad. Iraq filed 100 complaints to the U.N about Iranin border harrasments! Iranians were supporting fanatic rebelious extrewmist terrorist shiites to revolt so as to convert Iraq into a pro Iran state.

    The war was a must. Egypt and the Arabs stood by the brothers against persians. Isreal supplied Iran with weapons and training.

    Kind Regards

  16. Did Mubarak fight in the 6 day war as a pilot?

  17. @astrojew, no he was a teacher in the EAF school one of the most toughest teachers the school had seen , he was an excellent pilot and teacher , Preisdent Nasser made him return to the air forces commandership after he had seen that Mubarak was much more serious than others , it was said that Nasser made a surprise visit to one of the bases in 1968 early and he found no one from the commander officers except Mubarak who met him in his overall , next day Mubarak was promoted to the commandership to start his work there till he reached to become the commander of EAF during 1973 war , he was excellent military pilot for sure ,at least that's what I heard from his teacher in EAF and from his students or those who worked under his commandership in EAF

  18. Dear Zenobia, I agree about some members in Muhammad Ali family, but not Farouk in specific. Some of the family members had good achievements, unfortunately, all revolutions must make what our's did, it is a matter of controling mass consiousness.

    About Faisal, please refer to the Middle East CIA documents, release of 1993, you shall know that Faisal of Saudia had a meeting in May 1967 with J.F. Dallas and Kamal Adham, in that meeting he expressed his royal blessings to the planned Israeli attack on Egypt in 5th of June. He committed to control the local reaction to war in Saudi. This is a page in Faisal not so many people are aware of. Regards

  19. @Dr.Eyad, I agree with you about the revolutions and coups role but when we speak about Farouk we must be fair that man was given a responsibility bigger than him and he gave it up when others refuse to admit they failed because he was honest enough and wanted the best for that country , I do not look too much for the sexual fantasies about him and his family because with my all respect those who erased from him history had even much worse real sexual and moral scandals and it is enough to speak about 1967 and what caused to it , till now we are suffering form 1967 and I am sorry but we lost in 1967 greater than in 1948
    about the American and British Documents , well is not that a strange act from a man who led the Gulf states to stop pumping oil to the western countries that support Israel
    My dear friend I do not trust that much these secret documents because sometimes it is made and released for other reasons , in 1960s , when Lowrance of Arabia legend was in its peak , some secret documents were revealed by the British saying that he was raped sexually by some Turkish general decades later it turned out that it was a big lie already Lowrance was a gay and the man whom he accused there was nothing about him , those who discovered that were the historians and biographers of Lowrance himself , a story made to create more hate to the Turkish Othman rule in the Arabic mind by making the general Othman a gay , the worst kind of person for an Arab person


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