Egyptian Chronicles: The Egyptian Bride of Chucky

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Egyptian Bride of Chucky

First Bride of Chucky from IMDB

The Egyptian newspaper in the last two weeks has nothing to speak about except the wedding of the year Ahmed Ezz and Shahinaz El-Nagger in a very stupid way

I swear till now newspapers are speaking about it

Ahmed Ezz is not the handsome Ahmed Ezz the Cinema Star but he is the short Ahmed Ezz the NDP Star and Shahinaz El-Nagger is the doll of the NDP and current Egyptian Parliament

Ezz as some of you know is the right hand of Gamal Mubarak and best friend. The Business man sorry the tycoon who monopolized the Iron and steel industry in Egypt causing a huge problem. He is the head of the new guards in the NDP who are having a huge silent war with the old guards and men of Mubarak the father in the party. Ahmed Ezz's fortune is estimated as 40 billion Egyptian pounds , from where he started ,well unknown , but I know very well his family Ezz roots and what his father used to work and I can say that this fortune was not from inheritance. Ezz was born in January 1959 still he is not an Aquarius for sure as Aquarius men are not that mean or wicked. Before marrying Shahinaz he was and is still marrying two other women , including the daughter of Al-Ashraf syndication head who is very angry from what he did that he did not include his name in his mother obituary last week . There was a rumour in the past saying that he married Mervat Amin for some time !!

This man is so hated now in Egypt especially on the political and economic levels ,many people consider him as evil as Chucky including me and Talaat and Anwar El-Sadaat JR the MPs and the Nephews of late President Sadaat ,just like Chucky who feels funny in killing people this man feel funny in killing the Egyptian political and economic life:(

Shahinaz El-Nagger , one of the surprises of the parliament elections of 2005 ,entering the Egyptian Parliament as the youngest female MP as she was born on 9th of October 1969 . It was not only  her young age but her looks too , well she is not the prettiest girl in town maglis_alshaab_7 but comparing her with the few other women MP she will get the trophy , already I noticed that NDP men in the parliament used to like to sit beside her !! this beauty notice was only the remark that the official media mentioned , the unofficial media from independent and opposition newspaper noticed other thing more important than her gender , her age or her beauty , it was her fortune. Dr. Shahinaz El-Nagger who has a PHD in Psychology surprised everyone when she run for the parliament election as an independent member for the Manial area which is a very hot zone in Cairo for the first time spending more than 14 million E.P in her campaign that the state security called her to ask about the source of this money

It is well known that Shahinaz belongs to a wealthy family that works in tourism ,they own a 4 stars hotel in busy street Gamat El-Doul Al-Arabia named "El-Nabila" {after her mother's name } with a couple of pic_09Nile cruisers ,but here we are not talking about an Egyptian Paris Hilton , the heiress of Hilton Empire , hell no , there were and are questions regarding from what sources this money came ,just like Ezz

Shahinaz was married twice and divorced before marrying Chucky and she has a daughter by the way her elder brother who suddenly disappeared married Nahla Salama the famous Cult films actress for couple of months ----- A side info

Now Right after the blessed NDP convention last month which I Ahmed_Ezz forgot to speak about , may be it is not late ,the independent newspapers suddenly in one day came out speaking about the secret Marriage between Ahmed Ezz and Shahinaz El-Nagger and it became the talk of the town till now

It was at first secret marriage I mean close people to them said that they intended to keep it as a secret but someone from the old mean guards in the NDP leaked the info ,all the juicy info to his old friends in the press , this someone is no other than "Safwat El-Sherif"

But even if "El-Sherif" is innocent from this guilt as the innocent wolf from the blood of Jacob's son the juicy details of the marriage made it the number one talk of the town not to mention its consequences.

First the location , it turned out those two love birds tied the knock in Switzerland.

Second the dowry  of the bride , Ezz paid 25 Egyptian million pounds to Shahinaz giving her the highest dowry of a bride in modern Egypt , well she got a competitor in the middle ages , the famous Katr El-Nada the grand daughter of Ahmed Ibn Tulun who married the Abbasid Al-Mu'tadid Caliph ,the only difference Katr El-Nada insisted that her dowry to be a huge fortune to be paid to save Egypt from hunger , oh yes Katr El-Nada ,the 12 years old girl made this choice to save her own people and the Egyptians rewarded her by turning her name to a beautiful song till now that is sang where as Shahinaz now is remembered as the bride of Ahmed Ezz !!

Third He bought to her an apartment in the luxurious four season building at Giza , more millions to be spent baby

Fourth and this is what causes all the talk now suddenly Dr.Shahinaz decided to quit the parliament oh yes she resigned from her position as MP !!!

Oh yes a blow to the feminist movement in Egypt who is calling for more seats in Parliament to the women ,a sudden resignation with no further explanation at all , already there is no law in Parliament at least ours say that one of the married couple should resign !!



Mustafa Bakery made a questioning in the parliament in order to know why the honourable MP did not listen to the first lady advice to women to run for the parliament, well she listened but then she resigned , the first lady did not order ladies not to resign!!

It even became more sillier when the Islamic group "ex-terrorists" which became timid and follows the government orders made a statement saying that they congratulated Shahinaz for quitting the job and staying in home to look after her husband and daughter !!

It became a circus

Look they get married , they get divorced ,it is not our freaking problem , we got other important stuff , do not speak about Ezz's wives , he is a Muslim man and can still marry another one but speak from where he brought all that money , what he is doing in destroying our economy and our political life

25 Million E.P in Dowry , oh boy even I.H Shahinaz Pahlavi did not Princess Shahinaz and Ardeshir Zahedi's wedding in 1957have this total sum in her both marriages !!

anyhow can we just forget about the wife of Chucky and try to stop Chucky from what he is already doing  !!!

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  1. God Plus Egypt and save all our COUNTRY's , good jop :)

  2. thanks Yazeed , God bless you and KSA too :)

  3. How do you marry into a rich familly in Egypt? I hear you have to be either from a wealthy background yourself or a celebrity, is that true?

  4. @anonymous ,I am afraid so , you must be either from a wealthy family or a celeb , look in Egypt marriage is based on social classes , parents like their daughters to marry either from the same social class or higher but not lower

  5. "But even if "El-Sherif" is innocent from this guilt as the innocent wolf from the blood of Jacob's son "...then u say "I won't accept any insult in my blog , please keep it clean"...well what u said is not clean..ur not someone to say what other people know or not know, and what to leak or not to leak! i think u have issues on focusing on ur topics too! i assume u dont accept critisizm and wont post this comment! but if u it well! "el sherif" is a quality that symbolizes that man if u cant see that well! so quit the sarcasm..

  6. @angry anonymous, may I dare and ask what dirty insult or clean insult I said about Safwat El-Sherif here !!?
    What quality you are speaking about!!??
    Are you familiar with the black history of this guy ??
    Do you know that he was involved in the infamous moral scandals of Salah Nasr in the intelligence service ??
    Do you know that he was accused officially by a military court after 1967 of being *a pimp* before speaking about that symbol of quality !!??

  7. @anonymous

    google for
    محكمة الثورة

    lol begad.

  8. @anonymous

    stop being an ass, there is no smoke without fire, and Safwat stinks since Jamal abdulnaser days, Safwat is a 60 years old douchebag and a pimp. ( how's that for an insult?)

    @Zeinobia, great article ( I read your articles from time to time) keep up the good work,

    p.s sorry for the language, couldn't resist :) and yes, you can delete my post, just pretend that you didn't see it for a couple of hours :)

  9. @Mohamed El Gohary, OMG how the hell this porno cameraman Safwat El Sherif became one of the leaders of NDP?????

  10. @Mohamd ElGohary,or he can google for the book E3tmad Khorshid

    @Deformation,thank you dear, these are not insults , this is the truth he was a pimp and now he is working for a dictotar

    @Hazem,do not even ask !! seriously I do not know how a person with this dirty history ends to be the speaker of the senates and before he was the minister of information for 30 years

  11. don't worry for the little details.

  12. I had the misfortune to meet him when he was Chairman of the board of directors at the British International School Cairo. Petty bourgeois man on the make. prison is the best place for him.


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