Saturday, December 29, 2007

Blogging war

Guess who is the newest President blogger in the middle east now ?? It is not only now the Iranian president who blogs in the region !!

In An attempt to fight back the common new enemies in the region !!??

Guess Click to find the newest president in the Presidents who blog online club ??

From another side the war between Fatah and Hamas moved to the virtual world from the real world

On Some Fatah members opened a blog under the Name "Hamas Gaza" where they exposed the dirty scandals of Hamas from couple of months

and from few weeks on the same blogging platform some Hamas members opened a blog under the name "Fatah Israel" to answer back and exposed the dirty scandals of the Fatah online too

is not that ridiculous ??

To be honest the Fatah clan was the starter in this stupid media war


  1. I have made a post about it and linked back. :)

  2. thanks Khaled , I am so honored ,and I like what you said and I agree with it , it is so childish and stupid , stupid when at the same time the People in Gaza are suffering and the settlements are still built ,thanks again Khaled and Happy new year :)


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