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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Best Cafe in Cairo

Ok It has been a while when I posted a poll

Here is an easy poll ,it is not related to politics from near or far but I just interested to know what is the best Cafe in Cairo from your point of view ,already lately I had to circle between several cafes in the Mohendessin and AUC down town Area

Yes I know it is a question that is for my dear follow Cairians still it is open for anyone who visited Cairo and entered one of its famous Cafes , the cafes which now have groups in the facebook !!

We have Starbucks in Cairo and Alexandria on a very narrow scale ,the got a small outlet in the Nile city ,already it will be a tough competition and the war started from now ,the infamous emails about the donations of the Starbucks to the IDF ,the thing that it turned to be a rumour despite the Jewish relations of the owner of the worldwide cafe

Already that is a franchise owned by a Kuwaiti Company

Anyhow forget about the Starbucks for now and let's folks on our cafes

what is your favourite and best cafe in Cairo from your point of view ?? I included the most famous and spread cafes in Cairo ,also I left others option if you have any other suggesting , of course I want to hear your opinion in the comments too

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  1. I voted for Costa because it is cosy and calm, however I like Beano's coz you can grab a book to read while you are there. There are also some cafes not mentioned here such as Retro, and ehm, I guess Spectra can be considered a semi-Restaurant semi-Cafe

  2. Le Notre...the only problem with it is the lack of wifi.
    I tried out a new one by my work called second cup which i really liked...not too crowded and it had great coffee and snacks.

  3. N. American Princess1/11/2008 04:27:00 AM

    Second Cup is a Canadian chain and it totally rocks!

  4. @Tarek, Costa is fine and I like its sandwiches , and you know I also grab books while I am in Beano's and their pancakes are the best in EGupt
    Well I mention the most common and spread cafes
    Spectra is more like a Restaurant ,it is not a cafe for me

    @Rasha , Le Notro is the best but it is not spread like other cafes plus the lack of wifi as you said
    where is second cup ??

    @N.American princess , I give it a try when I know where it is :)


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