Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What if he were a democrat

I just do not like when people cross the line and speak rudely and sarcastically about how other people look like , you may make fun of what they do and did but not how they look ,it is inappropriate.

I came across several so-called liberal and democrat American blogs which were circulating a photo for Mike Huckabee and his family and they were making fun of his boys in a terrible way because they are fat , in a very mean disgusting way.

Here is the photo :


I do not like Huckabee and I do not want him as a President for the United States because we have enough in the middle east from the Neo-conservatives but to make fun on how his sons look like is terrible

The Question here , what if Mike Huckabee were a liberal democrat ???

Would they make fun of him like this ??

Do not judge on how his sons look , but what his sons had done, did and will do if their father becomes the President and from the land of the Nile I tell you that it is by the looks or the slim body at all .

By the way I know that one of Huckabee's son has some black things in his records

And if your rivals are low to use such way , you do not have to go low to their standard


  1. Hey hooo,

    Nice blog you have got out there. But you know what if I were you I would have crossed my fingers for Clinton to win!

  2. @Embryo, thanks for the nice words , well I am putting my hopes on Barack Obama , not Hilary clinton , I do not like her

  3. Huckabee is actually a very nice guy, with weird ideas. He's an ex-preacher, but hasn't gone negative, which makes him very appealing. He's also able to laugh at himself and the system.

    Anyone who wants Hillary is asking for the same old thing. Don't get me started, but I'm proud to say I'm a Hillary Hater. Read, _For The Love Of Politics_ and it will open your eyes. She is virtually to blame for every single controversy (the impeachment) that occurred on Bill's watch.

    I was originally for Edwards, but then thought I might go with Chris Dodd, and will now probably vote for Obama. He has the speaking cadence of Martin Luther King, he's inspiring, and we baby boomers have f**cked up our country so much, I am more than willing to hand it over to another generation. Obama is totally right when he says we're still fighting the fights of the 60's and the 90's, which are marked by such partisanship that we have gotten nowhere. We desperately need a change.

  4. I dont think people would pick on him so much if he were not a pompous ass. No one has seen how he really is yet...I live in Arkansas and he looks down his nose at everyone. He thinks his religious ways are the only way and he has not done much of anything for Arkansas...our schools are a mess. He is known for begging for things for his own home and lots of other unethical things...I dont think that has come out yet because no one really thinks he is going to win. He set a man free from prison (pardon) and he turned around and killed again...this was after many people here in Arkansas begged for him to not let him out and told Huck that this man was dangerous...I cant stand him..but Ive seen him for years here ...Im torn..dont like Hillary...If I didnt think that Obama was the anitchrist I would vote for him..he is just way toooooo smoooth...I think there are things for concern with Obama...I like Rominy's stance on alot of things..and McCain is just a Bush there are not any good choices right now.

  5. @Vagabondblogger, Huckabee reminds with Bush in a very bad image , again we are talking about divine victories in the elections, this talk does not comfort me at all and surely many Americans feel more than me the Egypt
    I do not Hilary at all , seriously I just do not like here and it will be just like her husband and even worse because now she will be in charge !!
    Obama speeches are so powerful and I just wish that if he wins that he will do what he promises

    @Ivey Goddess, it is enough to say all those things especially by the people of Arkansas,it is your time because you are the one who dealt with him ,already I am not surprised

    Obama is not bad but again let's hope that he will do what he says


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