Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Egyptian X-Files : The Badr I saga continues

The last update I wrote about this ship was that it was found in the Sudanese water , well I am sorry , it seems that officially it has not been found yet till the moments of writing down this post. It become a real mystery , the Foreign ministry which is following the case very carefully is denying that it was found , where as the owner of the ship claims that it was found.

Already even the newspapers are divided between confirmation and denial , Well if I were a journalist and want to cover the story , then beside listening to the foreign ministry and ship owner ,I must ask the Sudanese authority too , the third party involved in this enigma , yes there is a possibility that the vessel could be in the international water , still they can help more. Now it became an official riddle , a real X-file, in every newspaper you will find a new different news

It was found

Some people saw it surrounded by military ships

The FM assistant said that the ship Will return back home .

The FM denies that they have found the ship

The most interesting thing is that there was rumour that the ship was delivering an arm cargo , the thing which was denied by the Foreign ministry and the owners of the ship.

Again there is something fishy about this ship and its company , they are not saying all the details , I do not know why I suspect them but there is something not straight here

I do not understand how can a vessel like this disappear all that time and could not be found , again for God Sake the red sea has not got Bermuda triangle and as far as I know that kind of triangles does not appear suddenly in seas and oceans , it is there since the beginning of time.

Look I am not an expert in the maritime transfer , but could not the Egyptian authorities or the company or the Sudanese authorities send a plane to search for the vessel in the sea ??

It will not cost much and for God Sake it is a fishing wooden boat that would not be seen from the sky !!!??

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