Tuesday, February 26, 2008

At least he is still alive

The world is speaking about Sarkozy , no it is not about his personal life anymore , it is about his attitude , Sarko lost his temper as usual when one of the French citizens refused to shack his hand , a Farmer 79953264 in the  international agriculture fair ,well actually he did not lose his temper but he told to get the hell off his face , that idiot .

The problem is it was filmed in video and the whole world watched Sarkozy insulting a French citizen despite the fact that I felt that Sarko was surprised by the farmer's act and as he is nervous person already he did a quick reaction keeping his fake smile as usual, forgetting that there was a camera rolling on .

I do not care what the French people say about Sarko , but let's admit that at least that farmer is still alive despite the fact he insulted the president ,seriously I am from a country regular people do not get this close to President Mubarak , with my all respect I think that they hire extras to be there when he inaugurates anything.

Again this farmer is lucky to live in a very democratic country like France and he must thank Heavens that he does not live in a country like Egypt.

I will tell you a little story to demonstrate what I mean ,

If you notice President Mubarak since very long did not go to pilgrimage or go for "Omra" in the Holy Land in KSA , well some will say for security reasons and this is true the KSA does not his like his security circus because of an incident that took place several years ago .

Once Mubarak was doing a "Omra" in Ramadan at Mecca when he was in Kabbah Haram, an Egyptian man "from his accent" tried to approach him and screamed "Fear Allah" ...

what happened next well the body guards of Mubarak decided to teach the man not to repeat what Abu Baker said to Omar Once upon time in the past , in fact they decided to teach not to speak again inside the Haram ,it was a scandal , because it seems that those thugs did not respect the place they were in , they did not know that this zone is not like any other , fighting is prohibited in it , the prince and the poor are equal there . It was an international scandal that shocked the Saudi Royal family , yes believe it or not this royal family also respects this holy place so much and thus since then they put one condition for Mubarak either you come with less guards well behaved or else stay at home

The man did not tell Mubarak "do not touch me" he only told him to fear God , and what you know !!

These little incidents that show the difference between the two countries .

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