Monday, February 25, 2008

Celebrity watch

I do not like to speak about Egyptian actors and actresses here in my blog ,but I think I should record this , it will not harm anyone , already bloggers always write down what they encounter in their daily life from events and people especially when they meet or see celebrities.

I saw many Egyptian and Arab celebrities but this particular Celebrity made me blog about her.

I have seen the lady of the Arab Silver screen Fatan Hamama , I have seen her in Mohendessin at Wadi Nil Street ,she was with her daughter Nadia Zoulfakr, the daughter of the later Egyptian director Ezz El-Din Zoulfakr, they were going to Fifth Avenue , yes it is opened there beside Queen Bakery .

Fatan despite her old age is still keeping her elegance and that lady look , she is so white ,she did not have any make up on her face , her hair is dyed with that dark reddish brown colour . Nadia helped to walk through the parked cars holding her hand .

I do not know why I am blogging this , but may be because I love and respect this great actress . It made me so happy to see her fine like this.

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