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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

et toi Jihad ??

I was totally shocked when I read this column on that day in daily 1_57642_1_3 London based Al Hayet for Mr. Jihad El-Khazen. Mr. El-Khazen is a famous Lebanese journalist,I really liked his articles and some of his views,to be honest I did not follow him for the last couple of months still I respected , he seemed to be very wise man especially when he once wrote that the scenario of presidential inheritance is unlikely to be repeated in Egypt like Syria because Egypt is not Syria and Egyptians are not Syrians "I think he was true then still I should not forget that in 20th century pre-1970 or 1968 ,I do not remember the correct date the Syrians always had coups by two years rate !!" 

Anyhow this was from several years ago ,when the first time Gamal Mubarak's name came out as possible successor to Mubarak ,it was even before his policies committee in the NDP.

As you see I knew the man as a critic to Gamal Mubarak and I grow up on this , still I am naive girl because I should better now that people some times change their minds anyhow still it was shock when I read his daily column last week just check it and come

Dar Al Hayat

What tiger is he speaking about ?? Not to mention Brother Gamal and what brother bear sorry Gamal said !!!

The problem is that what Mr.El-Khazen has written came in the same week of a very silly campaign the NDP and the regime have launched in the official media that is promoting to the wonderful life and economy the Egyptians currently are living in !!!????????????

Seriously in last week I was going to kill myself from what I am reading in the official newspapers and magazines , I can't believe how anyone could write this !!

Mr. El-Khazen was always criticized for his defend about the Saudi regime , still I used to respect him but now ...he should have known better , if he is a real journalist who respects and wants to see real democracy and freedom in the Arab world then why promoting for Mubarak JR in this way !!??

By the way Mr. El-Khazen has a blog on  blogspot , oh yes a follow blogger

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