Friday, March 28, 2008

And what will the sorry do ??

President G.W Bush is regretting at last for the murder of an Egyptian citizen by the his troops in the Suez Canal , in an accident the Egyptian regime could not hide nor could it use its technique to divert the people's attention from,how can they do it ??

Believe it or not they tried to do it ,but they failed it is not a martyr of bread queue but a man who was killed by foreigners in our Egyptian territorial waters , not any Foreigners but American navy members in the Suez Canal ,the Suez Canal that drunk a lot of Egyptian blood.

The people of Suez are very angry ,really angry those people saw lots of wars , saw their children got killed by all the invaders who came in the modern time to get Egypt , this accident opened some wounds in the Egyptian memory , Yes the U.S is not officially an invader or an occupier but for many it is already invading us without armies , thought economy , through culture and most important through politics , through the puppets they gave their orders to.

You must know that the Bush's regret came very late and it has no use , except for of course the regime , which was already did not need this regret , this regret which was near to apology was only to calm the people down, because simply this is a regime that does not respect its citizens , this regime whose people are tortured and killed by police, who are killing each other for 2 loafs of bread do you think it would care if one of its citizens is killed by the fires of a foreign army !!

For God Sake how many Egyptian citizens were killed on the borders by the IDF in Al- Arish and the regime ignored these crimes as if it took place in another country in another life time !!

This crime came to make the Egyptian people hate the United States of America more and more .

In the next few lines I will tell you what happened according to the Egyptian version and please complete to the end.

Last Monday the Global Patriot vessel was crossing the Suez canal, it was in the Eastern Waiting area number 11 in the Suez Harbour ;when three "Bambotis" approached it in their speed boat "Sidi Shabal" to sell their goods to the sailors. "Bamboti" is an 100% Egyptian term called on those who sell small goods from cigarettes to antiquities to the passengers of the ships that cross the Suez Canal , it is traditional old profession as old as the Canal and it is regulated now by the State , the Bamboti needs a permission from the harbour authority to carry out his job , last piece of information is that the national dance of the Suez Canal cities is the Bamboti's dance

The Global Patriot is not a military ship,it is an American cargo contracted by the U.S Navy and according to eye witnesses there was nothing on it indicated that it was a military ship or working for the military.Already "Bambotis" do not approach or sell to military ships regardless of its nationality, it is well known rule.

As soon as they came near the American Ship about 9 AM the U.S Marines on the ship opened their fire on the speed boat with no previous warning , it turned in to a marine battle field according to the eye witness , the only problem one party had guns where as the other was unarmed civilians!!

The unequal battle ended by the death of one and the two were badly injured , already the captain of the speed boat was lucky enough to get away from the fire ,of course after it was too late .

The name of the Bamboti who was killed was scan0007 Mohamed Fouad Afifi , strangely the international press agencies wrote his name wrong , his correct name is Mohamed Fouad Afifi , he was the owner of the speed boat owner , he was married to "Saada Mohamed" and he had two kids Rahma "5 years old" and Fouad "5 months".

What happened next made us as Egyptians feel more angry , the American Embassy at first denied the shooting and the American navy said that the fires were only to warn the Egyptians with no apology what so ever to the murder of one and the injury of two !!!

Immediately the Egyptian security ordered the burial of Afifi before scan0005 any medical examination ,the Egyptian regime tried to keep it low but it failed due to the people's anger and the wonderful full coverage of independent and opposition newspapers. Next day the body was taken from the tomb to the morgue to a medical examination that was transferred on air to the States and do not ask me why !!??

It turned out that Afifi was killed by bolts from international forbidden weapon !! According to eye witness those who opened their fires were drunk.No one knows the truth except one innocent died for no reason , yes for no good reason , do not tell me fear !!

Till now we do not know to where this vessel went ,it left as soon as possible.

I do not understand why the American Embassy denied the accident at first or the arrogant reaction of the U.S Navy . Bush apology came late as usual after the damage had done thanks to his embassy in Cairo and his Navy commandership which does not respect the Egyptians.

Updates : There are rumors saying that the Global Patriot was carrying Nuclear wastes and was going to dump them in some country "not Egypt" but of course it crossed the Canal and the Egyptian authority should have an idea about this , till now the destination of the Global Patriot is unknown and what its cargo was is still unknown and that is why people guessed the bad thing and said that it was carrying nuclear wastes


  1. @loudlaughter , first of all these men were not fishermen , if read the post you will know they were Bambotis "Vendors" and this is very old profession in the Suez Canal and they do not stop the traffic in the canal because they go to the ships when they are waiting and standing still in the canal
    I do not know if this was a suitable topic to make fun of , I do not think that the family of the Bamboti will agree with you
    and I am sorry I had to delete your comment because I said I will not accept any insults to this country

  2. delete it bitch, this will not change the fact !!

    we only get angry when aremd US cargo vessel blast the shet out of our sabahlala coatic life

    do you know how many traffic congestion & accidents occurs daily due to simillar behaviour??

    do you know how many lives claimed annually due to such behaviour


  3. Dear Queen Zenoubia
    I am execusing to use your scanned images in an arabic post on my blog. Regards

  4. @loudlaughter you jerk what brought the traffic jams to the accident in Suez Canal !!??? are you an idiot or something !!?? do you justify the killing of this innocent man who is working a 100 years old job !!??
    if you hate this country why do not you leave !!?? at least u will save place

    @Dr.Eyad , sure sir you can use it as you want

  5. need 2 get vulgar and call names. Really if you don't like what Zeinobia has to say then why do u continue 2 read and comment on her blog? You are becoming reminiscent of that stalker she has that just won't go away. Enough. Have a civilized discussion in a civilized manner and agree to disagree.

    Zeinobia...tonight I saw Robert Fisk speak at a charity fundraising dinner.Very erudite, knowledgeable, experienced man. He spoke about Iraq, Afghanistan and the state of Muslims in Muslim lands as well as in the West. He also promoted a book he has coming out next week and signed copies of it.

    What he did keep repeating was that Western Muslims need to be critical of both Western government and Western media and government but also of Middle Eastern nations and government. He said our voices are silent when it comes to criticizing those very "Muslim-ruled" governments. Instead of just blaming all of our problems on the West, we need to also reexamine why there are so many problems and place much of the blame them on those very Middle Eastern leaders that facilitate the West and it's military and financial gain. Nothing new there. You do this regularly when you discuss the state of affairs in your nation. And how your own government is busy lining it's own pockets while people fight for bread and go hungry.

    A lot of what he said was not really new. They are thoughts I've read elsewhere or had thought of previously. But I think that he fails to recognize that we are in a day and age where greed, lust, money and the quest for power have grown at rate previosly unknown to humankind. And with technology, it's all about the sound bite or how it will appear on the internet.

    His outlook for the Middle East is very grim and pessimistic. How can we fight those from without when we are busy fighting ourselves from within. may hate your country but instead of hating it, why not try 2 do something 2 improve it, to make it a better place to live in. Criticize it sure. No problem...but to complain while sitting idly aside and doing nothing, is as Mr. Fisk says a large part of the reason the Middle East will continue to be pillaged and raped as it has been for some time.

  6. how can i love it with all that coas!!!!, and all those people defending coas!!!!

    what the hell bamboutiya doing in the middle of the most congested sea lane, selling dandourma??!!??

    does a 10'000 KM range ocean cargo carrying up to 80K Tonnes of cargo need bamboutiya to resupply in the middle of the sea????

    how many of those getting rammed each year by ships doing that nonsense?????

    it is no wonder 20 thousand person get killed in traffic every year in Egypt

    I may be stupid, but you [Zeinobia] totally out of this world !!, and yes i am outsider

  7. @loudlaughter,so I understand that you are approving on the shooting of the guy !! despite the fact it is against the laws !!
    I do not understand what brings traffic jams to the Suez Canal !!
    For your information these bambotis have permission to do their job from the State!!

  8. [[loudlaughter,so I understand that you are approving on the shooting of the guy !! despite the fact it is against the laws !!]]

    simply the normal consequence of risky performance

    [[For your information these bambotis have permission to do their job from the State!!]]

    perfect, we found some one to blame
    هاتولي حد كبير أكلمه


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