Tuesday, April 8, 2008

All the MB moves

One of the things I do not like in the MB and I think it is one of the things that made the group controversial till now is their sudden unexpected decisions.

Suddenly the MB before the strike with one day announced that they are not going to participate ; yes many expected this especially with their late respond still it was a shock to many people that one of the biggest and oldest opposition group refuses such strike despite all what it suffers from the regime.

Of course the MB group has another calculations than other groups , some are saying that they made an agreement with the regime not to share in the strike thanks to the regime praises for the first time in TV "They praised the banned group in the TV", still their announcement to boycott the municipal elections in Big Ads in big words in Al Dostor yesterday made me think otherwise.

I think also  the MB group did not join the strike because they feared it would not work and that they would take all the blame and thus another new witch hunt will start ,despite fact it is  going on and the MB members in jail this time reached 900 !!

I am so angry from the MB position and I think it made lose a lot in the street still they have the opportunity on the 4th of May to correct their position and prove that they want the best for their country.

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