Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oh Mahalla Sweet Mahalla

Oh I just knew that our smart Prime minister left his smart village and made a quick visit to Mahalla along with couple of ministers from his smart cabinet to see what the people are complaining from and also to bring some good news with him to the loyal citizens in the grand Mahalla , the citadel of textile industry in Egypt .

There is a raise he brought with him to all the hard workers and employees in these big factories

There is L.E 300 Million or something injected to the capital of the textile company

There are couple of millions of pounds injected in the health and the education sectors

Ah and the anti-Riot soldiers now are distributing bread  to the houses , a home delivery with the compliments of the interior ministry !!

I do not know ;do all the other parts in Egypt should be angry like Mahalla so the Prime minister would visit them !!??


  1. Ya ma gab el3'orab Lil mahalla.. Good post

  2. your description of the soldiers distributing bread reminded me of the French army in the film battle of algiers parading in the streets and distributing food to the Algerians after a foiled strike

  3. They are peaceful anti-riot soldiers ... they beat you then they hug you.

    For your question - It seems that the Govt works on the principle: The squeaky door gets the oiling.

  4. @little Sesame, lol thanks

    @Tabula Gaza , they are just trying to win the hearts and minds , I think it is too late , just like the Algerians

    @Dr.Izzat , the soldiers are just taking orders from their superiors , these soldiers are like the pawns in the chess


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