Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More about Mahalla

The government is trying to calm things down there , of course the visit of the Ahmed Nazif is just the beginning , now the municipal councils in the city for the first time include members from other parties like Al Wafd and the democratic front !!!???

Anyhow I have known a very disturbing information from the local Mahalla blogs that the police has released three detained Children, the youngest one of them is 8 years old !! yes 8 years old who was beaten the police station !!

If I am not mistaken the Motherhood and Childhood Council headed by the first lady made a draft for a law against beating Children in that age !!??

By the way the Police refuse to let the funeral ceremonies of the 15 years old Mohammed to be held for fear of the public anger !! "wise asses !!"

It is reported that there are about 2000 anti riots forces soldiers in the city and the tension is still there.

Here are some photos from American Journalist James Beck from yesterday and the day before in Mahalla

The 7th of April

The 8th of April

I hate to say this but unfortunately James Buck , the American Journalist who took these wonderful shots from Mahalla was detained today Thursday the 10 of April 2008 there by the authorities

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