Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The day routine

The IDF launched an operation against the Palestinians in Gaza and as usual most of those who were killed in that operation were civilians; including the family of Abu Maateq at Beit Lahia ; a mother and her five children who did nothing wrong except may be they were Palestinians eating their supper when they found the IDF attacking and shelling their home !! Only one little girl  7 years old Shaima survived the attack taking her share from wounds and losing her mommy and her sisters ; the oldest one in her sister was 5 years old, her sisters were aged from 1 to 5 years old "1,2,3 and 5"

This is a slide Show containing very shocking images. The photos of the little girls  in the morgue are terrible ,at first I thought that I am used to seeing these photos thanks to the IDF routine killing of civilians especially children and I will not be not sad with eyes on the break of crying but I think I am just a human , I could not take it especially when I see the body of a young girl wearing a little tiny blue jeans and her sister the baby with that colourful sweater and their unclosed eyes.

The story is not over ,it is containing since the Deir Yassin whose 60th memorial passed in silence ,this is another war crime to added in the very long ledger of Israel in War crimes.

Again why they think that our people are less precious than their people , do they accept that the father of this family will accept their Peace terms !!


The IDF decided to open an investigation regarding the incident !!


  1. Hmmm

    Children Pornography Images

    you can be charged for posting that

  2. LoudLaughter: this was not funny at all! in fact, it was really nasty of you to put such a comment.

  3. who is speaking about fun here?

    Israel blast some children & Pro-Hamas media poses thier dead bodies for photos

    this is called infantile pornography & the publisher(s) including Zeinobia must be charged for that

  4. "Pornography is the explicit depiction of sexual subject matter" (Wikipedia). These photos and the purpose of publishing them stand far from that definition.

  5. and publishing lined naked bodies of dead children is an [[explicit depiction]] for emotional propaganda

    AKA child Pornography

  6. @loudlaughter , child pornography !!!? emotional propogenda !!? I should charge with it !!??
    for what insh Allah for exposing war crime ??
    why do you go and charge those who kill them !!??
    or you should better charge the daring American journalist who took that shot for a naked girl in Vietnam running while burned from naplam
    look it is not amusing to be in the opposite direction all the time just to be different

    @anonymous,thank you

  7. yes the pototgrapher(s) must be charged 4 using carcasses as expicit material and so everynoe distributing the materials

    i don't need this morge show to record war crimes, if any one fucken care...but no one does..why??did not you ever ask yourself why??

    because no one any longer care for Hamas nonsense, they brought it for themselves

    by the way, Hamas today declared a truce, why the hell they don't want to take revenge??

  8. as for insisting to bring old demons about vietnam war bombardment, i have no wonder, it is the (Blinder-Mentality) that you use to (cook) your political orientations

    "for your kind information the girl in the image is now a US citizen after granting her political refuge...so no point of using that image as left-wing battle-cry"

  9. @loudlaugher, what Hamas nonsense , is Hamas the reason why these civilians were attacked , man speak please with reason

  10. no, it is not hamas, only israel artillery sadism mode in wasting ammunition at target practice :))

    if not hamas then who the hell? my mother???

  11. LoudLaughter: Yes!

  12. I feel so sad after seeing the sisters, I dont even know what to type,

    for the keyboard reflects a heavy breaking heart,

    From my face a tear , i wipe

    God bless you little children, we loved you in the world, for your short stay,
    now go enjoy the boundies of heaven and in the rivers of milk go play
    May all the faithful be together with you, one day one day xxxx Anisa

  13. @Loudlaughter....You are makign me feel slightly sick to be honest. Yes Hamas did bring this on themselves but does that make it ok for civilians to suffere? No it doesnt. Propergander it might be but that doesnt get away from the fact that this alogn with a whole load more war crimes has been commited againts Palestinian civilians. You may think what you like about the leaders these people are stuck with but you should seperate civilians from their leaders and realise that they are unfortunate victims in all of this.


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