Egyptian Chronicles: Follow Ups: The Badr I Vessel

Monday, April 21, 2008

Follow Ups: The Badr I Vessel

Because some think that the missing vessel was found , the son of the captain spoke  again after the incident of the French Yacht and how the French Navy interfered to rescue the crew and the passengers and to arrest the pirates by the orders of Sarkozy. People till now the Badr I Vessel is still missing and the families of the crew know nothing about their men at all , whether the Egyptians or the other Arab nationalities on the board of the vessel.

The son of Captain El-Battouy suspects that the Vessel was taken by the American Navy from the Red Sea.

To tell you the truth I think the disappearance of this vessel has something to do with its cargo , I do not think that it was carrying only cement cargo , except of course it was attacked and stolen by cement pirates !!

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