Egyptian Chronicles: Another stupid presidential decree

Monday, April 21, 2008

Another stupid presidential decree

President Mubarak issued another stupid presidential decree in the weekend . Mubarak decided to divide Egypt more and more municipally , he divided the Governorates in to another new Governorates , new Governorates came to life like the 6 of October Governorate  and Helwan Governorate !! Some areas were taken from their old Governorates and included in other Governorates.
People are very angry especially the locals , you may have heard that the people at the Baharia Oasis were so angry and protested , about 5000 citizens in this very far away place because of the new arrangement that made them follow the Mania Governorate instead of Giza ,  of course the interior ministry had to deal with the protests by its way , they sent their infamous anti-riots forces there , thank God the army was not involved.
The Security forces went there to secure the iron mines , oh yes we got Iron mines and the security was afraid that they would be closed
The people protested because according to the Presidential Decree they have to go 600 KM south of their Oasis to Mania to finish their paper work !! This shows you how they plan in the regime. Thank Goodness a new presidential decree was taken yesterday to correct some mistakes in the old recent decree based on studies and according to it the Oasis now follows the 6 October Governorate. I think this fast correction came to avoid the people anger there especially with the existence of Iron mines.
Cairo and Giza now officially are without any desert except may be Pyramid Plateau. I do not think that 6 October deserves a stand alone Governorate. I am against this decision totally and I think I made that clear in the blog title
To understand this decision you must know very well it is faraway from developing and solving the problems of the Governorates and municipals , the corruption will increase thanks to it.
This decision I am afraid is taken to increase the security power in Egypt locally. By the way the interior ministry demands L.E 364 Millions to establish security headquarters in the new Governorates of 6 October and Helwan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also I think the decision of having 6 of October as a new Governorate is made only for the business men tycoons interest , already the name of minister of housing and urban development / Businessman tycoon Ahmed El-Magrabhi is mentioned over and over in the opposition and independent newspapers in the last 48 to be behind this decision.
Again I am against this decision because it will not solve any problem , the problems of Egypt ladies and Gentle men will be solved only through democracy , democracy will assure justice and Justice solves any problem. From the organizational local point of view the experts of Urban planning said that it was so stupid too.
Of course this will happen in the life of this regime and thus I wish that who ever comes next this regime will cancel this stupid decree , you know there are so many presidential decrees that should be canceled.
I think this move was made because they wanted the people to be busy in something unfortunately as usually their plan came with an opposite result and people got another reason to hate the regime more and more

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