Friday, April 25, 2008

The Jordanian 4th of May

To my dear Jordanian friends is that true that there is a call for strike n14667406431_3955 in Jordan in the Facebook on the 4th of May 2008 because of the increase in prices ??

wow our President Mubarak's birthday will be a regional one , if this happens it will be a real historical strike in two countries.

I do not know much about the internal affairs of Jordan but I know one thing Egypt is really the leader of the Arab world.

Update : Here is the URL of the Jordanian Facebook group that is calling for a strike

Their demands are :

  • The Government put limit for the increase in Prices.
  • Fixing the prices of Electricity and Gas.
  • To end privatisation of public properties .
  • To raise the salaries in the private sector.

As you see there are some similarities between the Egyptian Strike and the Jordanian strike , the main similarity is the economic factor.

They are not calling for protests , just stay at home

It is not Egypt is changing but the rest of the Arab world too


  1. yeah, it's true
    But we're looking for a home brewed Israa .. can you donate a couple? And maybe a pair of balls, and a spine

  2. Also the same in lebanon there will be strike but on 7th of May inshallah ...

    The Egyptians are not yet dead.

  4. @qwaider,did not you know that Israa quited the leadership !!?? we are already for a new one

    @Mona , it seems May will be one hell of a month .I know that Sunday is a holiday for many in Lebanon , it will be great if it were and Lebanese also have their strike with us

    @Blue , I love it , see how inspirational we are


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