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Saturday, April 5, 2008

That will teach her a lesson

On last Tuesday a court in Cairo convicted Huda Abd El-Nasser ;the daughter of late Egyptian president Gamal Abd El-Nasser ;of Huda Abd El-Nasser defamation and ordered her to pay a compensation equal to L.E 100,000 to Ruqaya El-Sadat; the daughter of late Egyptian President Sadat .

I am very happy that the court reached to this fair order

The story started in 2005 when Ruqaya filed suit for defamation in 2005 after Huda Abdel Nasser was reported by a weekly Al-Ahram Al Arabia saying that Anwar Sadat was behind the death of her father and that he worked for the American secret services !!

This is the second trial , Ruqaya made an appeal and she won.

Huda lost because according to the judge she did not present any evidence on what she was claiming to the court and thus what she had said is considered a defamation.

Well as soon as Huda found herself in a trouble ; she tried to make Ruqaya Al-Sadat President Mubarak mediate between her and Ruqaya convincing the later to give up her right in defending her father and believe me they tired and failed ,already President Mubarak does not care about President Sadat and his reputation , of course Huda denied that but this is not true .

Any how at the first round Huda won thanks to her devil advocate Samah Ashur , the Nasserite chairman of the Lawyers syndication , Ruqaya did not give up and made an appeal and she won thank God.

Really Huda should act better than this and I think this will learn her a lesson not claim things that did not take place in media. She should not go in to that tunnel and put more oil on the fire on who is better Sadat or Nasser , already with my all respect Nasser chose Sadat to be his vice president , if she got an issue in that then she should ask her father in the second why he had done !!!??

I really respect Ruqaya more than all the other Sadat offspring , seriously she is the only one who cares for her father image and defends him. The former first lady and her children act as if there is nothing. Ruqaya is the eldest daughter of President Sadat from his first marriage

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  1. Hi Zenobia,
    I think that some personality high in government should resign and apologize to us for such a grave mistake. Actually, it wasn't a "mistake". It was a very deliberate and calculated act. If I know our government however, nothing will take place and no one will be held responsible.

    If we the Egyptian people have the will, we should simply boycott any films of Dreamworks until they too apologize formally... as formally as the piece of 'news' about the dog was made public to the world.


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