Thursday, May 15, 2008

About the future of Lebanon

Please read this small article about the uncertain future of Lebanon from the Time Magazine Andrew Lee Butters from Beirut.

This is what the Neo Conservatives want to happen, they wanted Saniora to push Hezbollah more and more till it used its weapons or its allies weapons against its follow Lebanese from another sects and how they want the country to be divided in to a very famous map

A Christian State in the North and the mount , A Shiite State in the South with a part in Beirut and little tiny place for the Sunni , the Radical Sunnis from around the globe to fight the Shiite in the South just like Iraq , another Muslim - Muslim Clash ,already we should not forget that Al Hariri funded radical Sunni groups in the Nahr El-Bard refugee Camp and I remember during the Israeli invasion in 2006 , these groups planed to kill Hassan Nasrallah.

The story will not finish here because not only the Muslim Sect will have its fight but also the Christians will fight on who will be the leader , do you think that the Christians in Lebanon are one and united ?? no , they are like other sects and even worse , they killed each other during the civil war even from the same sect , fighting over power ,over leadership , the typical Middle Eastern heritage.

Of course the world and the Middle East do not need this !! But whom you are talking to ?? Fanatics

I just want to add something , we should not forget that Al Qaida and all these so-called Sunni groups are all funded and made by the CIA,their elements do not know this , most of these groups now are funded by the Saudi Arabia intelligence "Hey Prince Bander" not for the sake of Islam or the Muslims or the Sunnis , but for another proposes

We as Muslims and Arabs should stop fooling ourselves and believing the illusions many want us to believe to mislead us from our real enemies and their plans.


  1. if the situation is hot in lebanon and gaza .wait until you hear about this.islamic bak.that is islamic bak magic.moslem satanism to which subscribes every moslem.every moslem has a bak and he uses it.the bak is as old as islam and deeply engrained in islamic culture.because moslems are the majority and in power.a christian like me went through all types of horror.moslems are made by the bak ,downstairs underground.moslems are not humans,they are not created.they are simply baks.islamic baks that is.this is not about hate or framing some is not about blame is much more than the way did you get your filmbak the bak is on the net in its name, unique experience that i had in egypt watchman blog is almost a can see it if you log on to the following URL .copy and paste.go to comment the first you find tarek momen ,a moslem stating that it is correct.a confession ,in can press your translation botton if you type islamicbak in netscape search engine and click on the URL just mentioned above.what do you say.

    this was the comment i posted few minutes ago in the israeli blogger how is your bak zenouba

  2. @george, what magic you are speaking about in Islam ??
    FYI Magic is prohibited in Islam and who practices it is not Muslim !! There is just for
    What is the Bak in the first place ? what is its term in Arabic ??
    Already with my all respect I open Mina's blog and all what found is Nouwara Nagam is mocking and making fun of you and that Bak !!?
    Please wake up and stop this nonsense this one
    Two I do not know how this could be related to Lebanon??

  3. Zeinobia I think you are attracting too many mental patients that have access to the internet. Bak? that guy is beyond weird and so is his blog. I personally would be deleting that comment.

    At least Amre sticks to the same topic, boring as that is.

    This george guy is a freak plain and simple. Escaped mental patient I'm telling you. Wahid magnoon. El maganeen malyeen el dunya wil internet.

  4. Guys I seem to have lost my bak... how can I carry on being a Muslim without it? plz help me find it.. donations are welcome too!
    Soz couldn't help my self :( but it does comfort me to know that there are morons on all sides..

    and amre why are you so mad with Iran? They are not the ones who occupy Palestine and Golan, they didn't pre-emptive strike our collective asses and they didn't invade Iraq for cheap oil..

  5. Ramy check my last 4 posts and you will know.

    In case you don't know, which I ma sure you do, they are the one who are ethnically cleansing Bagdad from Arabs-Sunnis and shiites alike. They are the ones who are spreading terror al over the country, allied with the Americans in wiping out its Arab identity to convert it a weak torn aprt country where the dirty Iranians and Americans would share the turfs.

    But why Ima talking to you anyway, it is clear that you are either too stupid and ignorant, or some safavid shit attracted by this sfavid blog.

    One way or the other it is a waste of time tto discuss anything with you, unless you get yourself a blog:))) a real one

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  7. The Iranian hostility for Iraq is very natural, as the Arabic Iraq stands as a barrier against Iranian influence and inclusion into the middle east. Consequently Arab nationalism and Iran are mutually exclusive1

    At the moment, there is no doubt that Israel is the eternal enemy of Arabs. For the last 5 decades, their interests have been aligned with Americans'

    Never the less, Iran is a more imminent danger. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I tell you that the de-arabisation of Iraq, or at least, bringing it under Iranian influence, means a massive reduction in the strategic weight of Arabs. You had better then forget about the Palestinian cause...... what is the humanitarian democratic world doing for the famines in east Africa, ethnic cleansings in Rwanda and Brandi?

    Iran played a nasty role in instigating the sectarian strife by pushing back into Iran Iranian agents(Sistani, Hakim....etc), 2 million citizens of Irani origin which in turn provoked a collective Sunni retaliation against all Shiites. Back then American and Irani interest were aligned.

    In 2003 American and Irani interest were aligned. Iran facilitated the invasion in return for US allowing the influx of Badr and pro-Iran elements in order to help topple the legitimate regime and de-arabise Iraq….

    Now the situation is different, our interests are partially and temporarily aligned with the Americans. The Arabs HAVE TO STOP BEING THE LOSERS ALL THE TIME LONG.

    We have to play the game for the purpose of winning and to do so we have to be less parochial, more rational and more cunning

    Now I shall move one into more details that reveals the Iranian malicious threat.take into consideration that a considerable amount of killing in Iraq was carried out by the Iranian backed SCIR (Badr), which is clear that they have a score to settle with Iraqis. Also, the return of the traitors has infuriated the Iraqi patriots and was one of the main factors that started off sectarian strife.
    For example, some Arab Shiites in Basra demonstrated against Irani influence in Basra and burned down the Iran consulate. The clan of those people was subjected to a killing campaign by Iranian backed elements.

    The Arab Shiites clerics like El-Bohgdady and El-Khalsy are suppressed by the Persian ones like sistany and HAKIM.

    Bottom of the line, Iraq would be a much more better place if Iran stays out of it……….

    What is funny is that Sistany (Backed by Iran) the supreme Shiite cleric can not speak proper Arabic, and considered the occupation an act of good.

    To sum up my rational stance on Iran:

    The only way to save the innocent lives in Iraq is a U.S military blow to Iran that would cut off its support to the terrorist groups in Iraq and limit its influence in the Arabian gulf. Iran is playing the card of its agents in Iraq very well.

    On the one hand, by unleashing its agents on Sunni civilians they wear down occupation opposition. On the other, turning their gangs against occupation, makes them , at least, think twice before instigating action against Iran.

    One way or the other, it is children and innocent lives that are paying dearly for this.

    The problem with Iran, is the complex overlap between religion and Persian nationalism, which in turn makes it quite easy for Iranian government to play the Islamic card with the Muslim world to divert attention from its crimes and gain their sympathy.

    Therefore it is the duty of all Arabs to stand up against the Iranian terror bloodshed and occupation of Iraq.

  8. @amr ,how many times do i have to say you are not welcomed here ,already my readers do not like and guess what they do not read what you copy and paste

    @N.American Princess, this is the disadvantages of blogging ,you attract all the manics , now it is not the Iranphobic Amr but also George Bak who is calling for the Mossad help to fight this Bak !!??
    it is mad mad world for sure

    @Ramy ,I have lost it too , please do not ask Amr

  9. you I will not let " a safavid" thing like you advocate Malign Iranian interets in Egypt.

    what do you eat for breakfast? Avctully I ma trying to speculate about the multiple causes of your uncurable stupidity

    what is really funny here is thatatupid safavid Zeinobia is calling me a maniac:))))))

  10. THERE WAS IN 1971 / ONE MOVIE I saw at Cinema CITY CENTRE/Beirut,which predicted or Warned the LEBANESE ..,that things will go bad for Lebanon, in the future...The movie was TH-AR TH-ARA FOQ AL NIL or CHIT-CHAT OVER THE NILE RIVER, by Egypt^s Great novelist Late Mr. NAGUIB MAHFOUZ?....Especially in the last part of it when Late GIANT actor Mr. IMAD HAMDI /AS a dope addict in the film visited Egyptian cities ruined by Israeli PHANTOM air raids in 1967 and in previous wars,cities,like Mansoura/Port-saiid/Suez..seeing all such disastrous scenes HE screams and as a wake up call<<>People wake up<< !!,but we the Lebanese were too busy and blindfolded by greed...where the rich was doubling tripling his wealth & the poor likewise tripled in poverty that we didn^t realise that/THAT CALL FROM THE HEART & SOUL was meant for US !! or as Late Comedian Mr.BESHARA WAKEEM says to Mr.YOUSSEF WAHBI ,Where Great singer ASMAHAN s song>> EMTA HA-TAARAF EMTA..(When will you be aware..or KNOW) Beshara says:<>>She^s Addressing You..MATE!! UNTIL WE witnessed our own ruins in BEIRUT & Lebanon in 1975-1990..and even beyond?? Including the CITY CENTRE Cinema-Theatre>> DOM (Where we watched that film in1971).. and that only left from that ONCE SAMADI/SALHA Tower building!!Also scenes as such caused my father s early death ,seeing his Carpenting shop on DEBBASS Square/Beirut...DEMOLISHED and razed to the ground in 1990....But now i realised that/ THAT WAKE UP CALL WAS ..for others too?? LEBANON was just a TRAILER....Of a WAR movie in process in the >> Middle-East-Hollywood << that seems never mentions on the screen the sign that reads...>>THE END <<...or at least >>That^s AL FOLKS<>C^EST FINI<<.. or as if in a Turkish movie>>BITISH<<...So that everybody leaves the THEATRE and do engage in other MUCH constructive duties!!...Is-hak Barsoumian/London

  11. HOW MANY TIMES i and others whom lived in Lebanon or even visited it from 14 February 1955-->14 February 2005,almost half a century,and the reason i mentioned specifically 1955/ is that as the only child,i accompanied my parents once a while visiting few friends lived nearby Saint GEORGES Hotel/seaside Beirut..opposite THAT GIANT sized Hotel PHOENICIA IT was a great route for promenading,especially very romantic for couples coming all the way from AL ZEITOUNEH Avenue or as we call it al cornish..with tall/giant trees in the centre, and mostly at too few hopeful fishermen(as hobby),trying their final attempts to not leave with their catch-baskets...Empty?!That area was renowned ,mostly in the media during our civil war 1975-1989 as AL FANADEQ zone/HOTELS cramped with tourists,such as ALCAZAR..actually this location was used while shooting a British Spy Movie called WHERE THE SPIES..ARE?(1966) in which THE Late English Great actor Mr.David NIVEN WAS on intelligence mission in BEIRUT?? Next to it is PALM BEACH Hotel with its large swimming pool..and facilities of access to the Med.Sea, if requested?..In my later years in 1970s,myself with close friends Adnan & Abd elrida,decided to have Sleepless night>> A SAHRIYEE walking all that Cornish from > Al Zeitouneh to AIN MRAYSEH/Graham Street and back to downtown Beirut Martyrs square or Sahat AL BOURJ/Al Shouhada??As it was approaching 3,4,AM ,OR AT THE CRACK OF DAWN we witnessed how tradesmen and delivery lorries swarming around us getting things ready for early shoppers..and wholesome purchasers?? Some people coming OUT others going IN,after a long night in surrounding Night Clubs like PARISIANA or MASS-RAH FAROUK/NADEE AL SHARQ etc etc, very picturesque nostalgic scenery...without crossing our semi-tired ,yawning minds that after few short years THIS was going to turn into a fierce battlefield and be called THE GREEN LINE,,dividing this beloved city,once renowned as PARIS of the Orient & for 15 long SAD/MAD/BAD years...but what was more tragic was that followed all that A REAL GREAT MAN NAMED P.M RAFFIQ EL HARIRY will pay the HIGH price and be MARTYRED for LEBANON,as thousands done before Him and tried to END all that!!,,Blessed are the Peace-Makers,for they shall be called sons of the MIGHTY ONE!!..If LEBANON today recovered its reputation back as> PARIS of......,thanks to this GREAT MAN^S tiresome/continuous efforts followed HIS PURE BLOOD that watered the Lebanese soil with dignity and brought back PRIDE to every single Lebanese around the world,as once a Lebanese abroad was looked at as a...PROBLEMATIC species??..AS i my humble self & WE ALL with TRUE SADNESS pay tribute to his UNFORGETTABLE memory of HIS martyrdom 12th year,even though>i< never been in Lebanon since 1979,but am certain and convinced enough to believe that LEBANON & ARAB WORLD lost such a GREAT PERSON 12 years a spot that we all promenaded at least ONCE if not more,without having a clue that, or even thought that one SAD day on 14/Feb./2005 THAT short CURB outside St,Georges Hotel where EVIL was waiting & plotting>>HIS demise<< and that SPOT will become a turning point in nation^s history and the whole region^s,too!!...GOD BLESS YOUR UNDYING SWEET MEMORY MOST BELOVED Mr. R.HARIRY/As you passed that torch of peace and freedom to your trustworthy SUCCESSOR(S)! From:IS-HAK Barsoumian/LONDON/13 February 2017/


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