Friday, May 2, 2008

Down with the Facebook

The Facebook now is the official enemy of state.The blogs are no longer the danger on the State but it is the Facebook.

Last week most if not all the official publications in the Arab Republic of Egypt opened their fire on the Facebook as a danger on the national security , danger on our identity and danger on our morals sending several indirect messages like calling for a ban and scaring the average Egyptian Joe from using it. Al Ahram daily weekly edition on Friday the 2nd of May 2008 published a whole page trashing "The Facebook" in the most worse week using big language against those who use it from youth ; ironically it is not only youth who are using it !!

Well of course it is too late because Facebook is the new black now in the Egyptian society , I think I spoke about this before.

The regime was surprised to find that the Facebook was much more dangerous from its point of view than blogs

The last 6 April strike was organized and known to the public through the Facebook , thousands knew about him in a way I think blogs could not have done  ,due to normal fact , those who enter the facebook from Egyptians are more than those who read ,follow and interact with blogs and bloggers.

What makes the Egyptian regime mad is the fact that most of the people in Facebook who approved and supported the 6 April strike and the upcoming strike on the  4th of May are from the non-activist normal Egyptian average Joe who avoid involving in politics from near or far.

This is what scares the regime these people not the activists because in the end of the day those average Egyptians are the majority whose anger can be very destructive to the regime, whose anger can down a regime more powerful than this.

What is interesting is that the old generations that currently heading the regime and interior ministry do not understand the Facebook and its mechanism just like blogging at first. Seriously I read the reports and listen to their representatives on TV and I feel that there is a complete ignorance.

Many people now believe that the regime will limit the Internet access and censor it just like from two years after the rise of Internet blogs ,well it did not happen then and it won't happen now , because censoring the Internet will have back effect on the so called e-government that wants to make the smart village the silicon valley of the Middle East,also if they block facebook, twitter, and Youtube , users like me will go to other Websites and platform

"God Bless WEB 2.0"

P.S : Who is Miss Abeer Soliman , the so-called Star of the Facebook that appeared in Al-Ahram ??


  1. Excellent post ... You basically hit the nail on the head!

    Soon this, phobia, is going to wash out all the dirt

  2. I was surprised when my uncle who has been living in Egypt for something like 15 years, and whom I thought didn't even user computers not only had a facebook page, but had like 2 zillion applications (I only have 1 myself). It's definitely not just the youth.

  3. every one is anticipating the coming 4th of May
    personally i don't want violence in the street the way took place at Al-Mahalla [many unfaithful parties & coatics took part in action, the mummified MB & Leftwings tried to highjack the events], but a wide scale black out & paralysis....some thing that will really show the regime the magnitude of discontent & the impact of resistance (even negative one)

    Not only that, 4 th of may must be followed with some thing else next month, (suggestions for June)

  4. what is really funny is the negative coverage by the official media will possibly give the regime nothing but a backlash

    it mostly will help in the success of the next strike

    they don't realize how sick the people really became

  5. @qwaider, thanks , yes very soon.

    @hani , Facebook became the most visited website in Egypt , I hate the applications by the way

    @loudlaughter ,please do not repeat the regime claims,do you know those thugs in Mahalla , they were from the NDP thugs the police uses in the elections , the people there know them
    THE MB said it clear that they do not have anything with the strike from near or far , also the regime media is claiming otherwise
    The official leftists like Rafaat El-Said and the Unionist party said that they were against the strike
    Yes there were leftists ,it is normal due to the workers factor there
    I think the best day in JUne to have a strike in the 5th of June which will be a Tuesday
    people can't take more the regime , the regime is making the strike a success from its negative and pre-attack on it

  6. Listen, I hate the regime, the MB & the Leftists & the coatics nearly the same that i no longer differentiate
    and when i open fire i will not bother to aim!!

    we deserve better that all those craps

  7. Thanks for the post, and yes you are write, but do you think Facebook will withhold from Egypt soon? or that the Egyptian government is unable to because of the international scandal?


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