Egyptian Chronicles: Look who is talking ??

Friday, May 9, 2008

Look who is talking ??

From fours days ago the Egyptian Ministers spoke on the News night talk shows to justify the latest economic decisions of the Nazif cabinet. Minister Ahmed Al Magrabhi said on Al Mahwar 90 minutes unrealistic claims that these decisions were taken to help the poor and they will take from the rich and give to the poor !! Sorry the correct terms take from the Capable to the incapable !!?? as you see vague terms !! Define the Capable and the Incapable !! He also mentioned something about the Social justice !!

Anyhow I do not think that Choosing Ahmed Al Magrabhi who is heading some committee was a correct choice to speak about the living situation in Egypt , the social justice and the poor Vs. Rich.

How will Ahmed Al Magrabhi , the billionaire who lived most of his life in Saudi Arabia will feel or know how the Egyptian Middle and low working class live !!??

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  1. If so, then why were microbus fares -which is the cheapest after public buses - raised as well, despite of the fact that it's mainly used by the poorer.

    Oh, I forgot, the minister doesn't ride microbuses :P

  2. @Oxdeadbeef, in their point of view as long as you are capable to pay the fare then you are rich !!??


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