Egyptian Chronicles: Why Can't we learn from them ??

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why Can't we learn from them ??

Mubarak does not want to go to the mini Arabic summit in Libya for fear he would meet Bashar Al Assad there !!

Where as Sarkozy invites officially El-Assad and his wife to attend  French National day ceremonies on the next 14th of July despite the American refusal !!??

AFP: Syria's Assad invited to French national day ceremonies

France was leading the attack on Syria but it knows when to change its policies towards Damascus ,keeping some channels open where as our regime is continuing in its stupid cold war with Damascus !!

Don’t tell me that France now became closer to Syria then Egypt !!??

I think the problem we have in Egypt is that the regime follows blindly the American administration orders despite they are not in our best  interest where as Sarko so how acts according to France best interest.

By the way I notice something despite the close friendship between Mubarak and the French especially Jacques Chirac ,he was never invited to attend the National day ceremonies !!??

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