Saturday, July 26, 2008

The attack of Ras Sadr ; the annual national days attack !!

The breaking news found its way in the BBC Arabia and till writing down these letters ,it seems that many did not care in the media at and outside Egypt to cover it despite its importance.
Today two persons were killed in an attack on a bus 6 KM away from Ras Sadr in South Sinai governorate. The bus was full of Egyptians who were returning back from Ras Sadr resorts after the Revolution holiday weekend.
Last Wednesday was the Revolution day and many people took Thursday off their jobs so they can have four days vacation in the hot summer. Ras Sadr is considered a very close gateway for many Egyptians in the Weekend.
Yes it is hot,terribly hot in the summer ,but many prefer it for its close distance to Cairo and its cheap prices off the season.
There is no much details about the attack still it is very interesting for several reasons.
  • The Situation in Sinai is not that good from the security, smugglers from one side and tensions between the locals and the security from another side “The security authorities’ mistake”
  • Israel issued a warning from 2 weeks to its citizens from travelling to Sinai.
  • It is the third or the fourth attack that happens during national holidays , if you remember the terrorist attacks during the previous years whether on the 6th of October or on the 24th of April , may be there is connection but do not forget those destination are always full of Egyptians during the national holidays.
  • The bus was full of Egyptians ,someone do not want us in Sinai,I believe. 
These are primary thoughts , wait for more insh Allah
Update : According to the different news sources the attack was not terrorist one , some say that they were angry locals who wanted to teach the bus driver a lesson , some say that they were thieves. Thanks no one was killed as I reported yesterday but two were injured among them a 2 years old child , I think that child was sitting beside the window
Either ways the police is searching for those criminals and needless to say things are tensioned in Sinai currently.

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