Sunday, July 27, 2008

No they are not innocent ,for good sake fear God

This is a sad news ,seriously sad news and another insult to Justice in Egypt ,to the honorable judicial system in Egypt.
The Safga court has ruled today the innocence of Mamdouh Ismail and all the accused in the case of Al Salam 98 ferry case after two years !!
Do not ask me how or why!!??
I am shocked just like you. It was so clear that the greed of Mamdouh Ismail and his company that caused that this terrible unforgettable accident that earned the title of Titanic Egypt :(
By the way it is not the first time that he gets away from jail.
He was not even convicted for Recklessness and negligence !! The human is so cheap
I feel so so so sad :(
to refresh your memory hopefully as it did not refresh the Judge's
The sounds of the dead.


  1. This is one of the saddest and darkest days of the Egyptian people. It is even more depressing than the day of the accident itself. Today's court ruling singed the license for murdering any remaining hopes for the poor Egyptian people.

  2. Sure it is , as you it is a signed license for murdering the rest of the Egyptian people. It is so sad ,so so so sad

  3. People were extremely shocked, they could not believe what they had just heard.


    What a "system"!!??

  4. My dear anonymous , they should shocked and they have all the right to be extremely angry ,today they discovered that they are so cheap and their beloved ones who were lost forever in this horrible accident were so cheap
    my dear there is not system from the beginning ,we are living in a jungle

  5. I guess the wasta culture is everywhere even in democracies where it takes the form of lobby/pressure groups.

  6. @Dear Hani, this is not a wasta culture ,it is corruption and injustice in their naked forms, wasta is when you hire your cousin because he is your cousin
    My dear friend Mamdouh Ismail is very powerful man as it seems , NDP member who is appointed by Mubarak in the Shura council, he was monopolizing the maritime transportation means between Egypt and Saudi Arabia for years.
    my dear 1053 persons were drowned in the worse way ever , I know people whose friend lost his family there , he is a millionaire from working for decades in KSA and was waiting for their return after the exams unfortunately with their cars , the last time I asked about him they told me he was still treated from shock :(
    It is injustice
    This man does not need money but needs justice

  7. Assalamo alaikom,
    La hawla wala qowata illa billah. I was wondering about the faith of this criminal. May Allah punish him and those who backed him with a dire punishment in this life, the grave and the hereafter.


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