Egyptian Chronicles: Child labour in a fancy restaurant

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Child labour in a fancy restaurant

I was walking beside Tekka restaurant in Gamat El-Dol El-Arabia street at Mohendessin today’s afternoon when I saw a strange scene in the restaurant.

I saw a child working there , his job was to open the door for the customers ,he was wearing a bow tie and looks nice. I am sure that he was a child.

I do not go near Tekka too often , so please tell me that I was hallucinating because of the sun , I was there about 3.30 PM and the sun was doing her job well. Please tell me that Tekka/ Americana does not employee children to open the door for the customers.

This is a child labour. I do not like it and I refuse it.

Already I think that Susan Mubarak the first lady made it clear when she flashed out a red card against Child Labour in Egypt , I remember this campaign very good so why the Americana giant does something like this.

Already it is bad for their cooperate image.

Again please tell me that this is my pure imagination.

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  1. I noticed that it's happening a lot especially during the summer while the children are not in schools, and in many other fast-food restaurants. Are more families choosing to send their children to work, especially during school breaks?

  2. @oxDeadbeef,this is something happens in poor areas since very long time but the idea to see a restaurant chain owner and franchisee like Americana accepts this practice is totally wrong


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