Egyptian Chronicles: Mubarak will attend the celebration after at all

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mubarak will attend the celebration after at all

I was mistaken when I assumed that Mubarak was not invited to the independence day celebration in France this year like Bashar Al Assad.

But of course all the media spot lights are on Bashar not on Mubarak and this I think that makes him go coco , I mean he goes there as the expected Second secretary general of the Union for the Mediterranean  after Sarkozy but finds  all the attention to the tall man his official media has been attacking lately.

Already I read that Bashar may meet Olmert but he won’t meet Mubarak , if 81915342 this happens then We not the Syrians made a huge terrible mistake.

The international media gave cold shoulder to Mubarak as usual ,all the spot lights are on Bashar of Syria and Soliman of Lebanon. Sarkozy made a breakthrough today when he announced that Syria will open an embassy in Beirut and Lebanon will open an embassy in Damascus.

Of Course the big breakthrough he wants to achieve now not the Union of Mediterranean but to take Turkey’s position and make Syria and Israel talk directly , the current negotiations between the two parties are indirect through Turkey, the U.S is absent from all this jazz.

One of the reasons of having this Union is to make the Arabs and Israelis sit on one table.

Of Course Sarkozy knew how to win Egypt in his side by promising our old man to be the second secretary general after him ;)

And our old man can’t say No No No

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