Egyptian Chronicles: Obama is not on the Nile

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Obama is not on the Nile

Obama is visiting the middle East soon insh Allah and with a quick look to his scheduled visit ,I found that my country Egypt , a leading power in the region is not included.

The countries that he is going to visit are : Iraq “to meet with the troops”, Israel “to calm down the Jewish lobby” , to Saudi Arabia “to discuss the oil prices and strategic alliance” , to Turkey and to Jordan but not to Egypt !!??

It is not the first time in this campaign that Egypt is being neglected by the candidates , if You remember Cowboy McCain ignored us in his latest visit to the region, well he hates those rulers of Egypt , I wonder if Obama shares him the same reason.

It seems that we are losing more and more power in the region , Mubarak on the contrary of what he thinks he nothing new to present .

For God sake Obama and McCain are much important than that New Mexico Governor whom with my all respect to him the official media highlighted his visit every where .

This is another achievement of Mubarak’s

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  1. Zeinobia,

    McCain and Obama are politicians. I repeat, p-o-l-i-t-i-c-i-a-n-s. The only thing on their minds this year is winning votes. Any place they visit, anyone they meet with--is for the goal of winning votes. Their visits aren't about recognizing who is important in the Middle East, or to make alliances and friends.

    It's about what will win them votes this November. That means they're will visit places that have connections, with what voters perceive as focal points for major world crisis. Certainly, Eygpt is not in the middle of a crisis that could spin out of control, and thereby, pull in the rest of the world. That's not a bad thing.

    So, it's no insult to Eygpt's status. Americans and the world consider you important. How could we not--with your wonderful history? But,you're also not in the middle of events that could tear the Middle East apart- like civil war, war with a neighbor, or planning a potential nuclear war. So Egypt doesn't get the attention that countries get when the world worries they make blow up an entire region.

    Forgive me, I'm repeating the same point too much, but its late here.

    Once the next president is elected, I think you will find them visiting Egypt to pay their respects.


  2. @Ragnell , sorry for very my late , really late reply , I didnot mean it
    Ragnell it is not about paying respects , I do not care about if they come or not but I am speaking here about Egypt's weight in the region, lately it became so weak that other countries that no imagined one day in the Arab world like for example Qatar , it is the mistake of the U.S or the candidates but the mistake of our own Egyptian regime that made us like this , if you think that Jordan with my all respect to its people and history more effective in the middle east then with my all respect read history again
    Ragnell it is not about history and Pyramid but in the 20th Century we were leading this part of the world , in fact America did not start to come in the region except when Nixon visited Egypt
    again it is not your fault as country but it is our blessing regime fault , Mubarak took it as a regional leading power and he is leaving it as a follower


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