Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mamdouh Ismail; another corruption icon of an era

Mamdouh Ismail is the man of the Mubarak era; he did not get rich except in his time. No one remembers or knew him in 1970s duringWanted the Sadaat era and the new millionaires of the open door policies.

Suddenly in the last 20 years Mamdouh Ismail became the sole controller in the navigation and transportation in the red sea. He collected billions not millions from transporting Egyptians coming and going to Saudi Arabia alone, imagine the numbers of Egyptians whether from the expats working in Saudi Arabia coming to home in holiday seasons or only the numbers of the pilgrims going and coming to the Holy Land.

Ismail made an Empire in the last 20 years, he owned about 21 ferries. His company was exempted from taxes and do not ask me why or how!!

He was appointed as the Chairman of the Red Sea ports authority for some years. Already this should not happen because with my all due respect this man does not have a university degree, second there would be a conflict of interest because this agency inspects the companies.

Ismail is a NDP member and he was appointed by President Mubarak in the Shura Council “The senates” and till this moment his membership has not been suspended despite he was accused by the General prosecutor in a highly sensitive public opinion case.

It is disgusting because I remember what happened with MP Anwar Al Sadat who turned to be innocent and still was expelled from the Parliament!!

Ismail is a very close friend to Zachariah Azami, Mubarak’s chief of staff; Azami did not deny his friendship with Ismail, the friendship which is said to help Ismail to get away from the blood of 1035 Egyptians.

There are some rumours that Ismail was not convicted because he was not the only involved, there are other partners he did not mention but if he were convicted, he would expose them especially that it was said that he was the agent on behalf of the real owners of the ferry!! I think Mamdouh had other partners in his company, but he was not an agent but rather a partner.

Mamdouh Ismail fled Egypt to UK to London, where he is staying away from the law ,there is no extradition agreement between Egypt and UK. Till now he is London despite the rule of the court , he is too afraid to return to Egypt where he could be killed by the hands of the victims’ families , who are mostly from Upper ,the land of vengeance !! His son Amr is currently protected by the Police 24 hours; they know what they are dealing with. Still Mamdouh should not feel safe in London either. I read that there is a group of Egyptian businessmen in Netherlands who are going to Sue him in London, I wish this new is true and they do it.

Mamdouh Ismail owns the following companies in which I beg you to boycott especially his hotels

        X Concorde El-Salam at Misr El Gadida, Cairo

        X Concorde Sharm El-Sheikh, Sinai.

  •  Telstar travel at Tahrir Square, Cairo.

Please boycott his hotels and tourism company



  1. i think that who ever wrote this article has a issue with rich people what are you exactly talking about . the law said that he is not guilty we have to respect that . i was very interested in this case and i read all about it . the facts are that the government is the guilty part since they knew right after the accident and no body moved
    the ship was sound since the insurance company which is british payed in full after there investigations ..... what do you need more . what the media did in this case was very unfair for the victims families who where mislead and given wrong information

  2. @anonymous, I do not have an issue with rich people , I have an issue with icons of corruption. This is not the law dear , this the corrupted regime and do I have to remind that the state represented by the General Prosecution is against this rule and applied against it
    the ship was expired according to the Egyptian navigation and maritime laws and codes and this is why the man went to Panama to register it , may I ask why he did insure that ferry in Egypt ??
    the investigations of the Parliamentary committee prove that he is guilty

  3. I cant beleive the first comment, if the writer has a problem with the rich people for sure you have a problem with the poor people who died in this terrible accident, and if Mamdouh Abass is innocent, why dosent he come back?????????????

  4. Yeah please tell us why is he in London at that time ??

  5. The egyptian government from A to Z is corrupt and greedy. It's in their DNA to be that way. It will take generations to change.


  7. How is the boat sinking actually his fault. No sense.

  8. The whole mafia is here in London. They are happily making buisness and accumalting more wealth. Some reliable source stated they are furstrated with the manners and the way buisness is conducted here as there is no lubricant to smooth the way. One of them stated this is not London we heared about. Obviously they have to learn to respect their employees and servants. I feel London is suffering with their presence here but what can you do? It's democracy here and they have rights here as anyone else because they have not committed any crime here in the UK and bring their cases to the courts is not in the public's interest. Well done Egypt

  9. i am an Indian , worked with Eng. Mamdouh Ismail. he was worked hard to achieve his goal , in 90s he have only one vessel , your opinion not in basis of facts or solid documents.


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