Wednesday, August 20, 2008

People’s reactions about the Shura’s fire

They are happy seriously happy in a way you can’t imagine , of course today the fire of the Shura Council is still the talk of the town , most P190808_19.46[01]of the Egyptians did not see the grand fire of Cairo 1952 , so to see this one like this live on TV screen till the hours of the morning was something new. The people are feeling that they are suppressed and can’t take it any longer . They are so angry and pissed off this government and regime .
“Alas !! they are not inside now “
A taxi driver told me this yesterday , “They” were the members of the Parliament and the Shura council and they were not inside so they got burned because both councils are in vacation and the next parliamentary session will start in next November 2008 plus of course it was afternoon , most governmental institutions close their doors at 2 PM maximum 3 PM.
This was just the start.
The people who were gathering in the street were watching the scene in joy ,I felt , they did not put in consideration the historical value of the building , I do not know if this is because of cultural ignorance or 7areeq6 the hate of every thing that represents the regime , I think it is more the second option because across the Egyptian Websites I found comments praying that the fire goes to Orba “main Presidential Palace”, Abdeen and Ras El-Tin Presidential Palaces, Orba and Ras El-Rin are the main residence of the President !! Of course I do not give a damn for Orba palace but I give a damn about the Abdeen and Ras El-Tin.
Even in my work today people were laughing and I was the only one who was sad because of the historical value of this great building
The people can’t take it any more from this government or this regime , the year 2008 seemed to be heaviest economically on the people’s budget , each month prices got higher and higher .
A nice comment that can summarize what I am saying
They deserve it , did not the Shura council approve the new traffic law ??!!!
Just for your information the Shura Council is only consulting council , the one that approved is the people’s assembly aka the Parliament.
Photos sources : My Kodak Agfa Flickr images and El-Badeel Newspaper images

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