Sunday, August 17, 2008

Poland and the nuclear threat :WWIII in the way

Now Poland is open to a nuclear strike !! I think the Russians are not bluffing.

I do not have to guess that the West and the U.S are taking that threat seriously because if it happens and the Russians are putting for sure this as possible scenario,there will be a WWIII again in the world.

G.W Bush is leaving one hell of burden , it is not only Iraq or Iran ,no it is Russia now, the angry powerful Russia.

The Ultimate question is where we stand from all this and why we are taking this stand.


  1. Salam sister ....
    You've mentioned a really good point ... Where are we in this whole stuff ... Not only that one but many other ... It's obvious that we have become 3rd degree nations .... just let the big ones decide and it's always o.k with us ... What a shame ?
    your topics are marvellous dear ... in both your English and Arabic blog ... I'm really proud of such Egyptians .. :)
    Keep this up sister ...
    I send my regards ..

  2. mind your own business

  3. WWIII again? When was the first time?

  4. @الساحرة الصغيرة
    thank you so much dear sister , surely we became a 3rd world country ,very weak indeed and also stupid , we can benefit from this but we do not play it right

    @anonymous, unfortunately it will start as your own business but sooner it will end to become our business in a way or another ,after all why do not you say the same thing to the Israelis who are involved to their nose in this !!

    @JPierre,ok all what I meant that there will be another WW again in the world , I should not add the III :) are you doing this to tease me or what ??:P

  5. Tired of ignorances annon says:
    Simple question to the expert knowledgeable readers who categorize nations as first, second and third degree nation based on their possession of nuclear weapons; Is Pakistan a first, or event second degree nation? How about India?. On the other hand, how about Sweden, Canada, Japan for sure they don’t have “magnificent armies”, they don’t develop or posses nuclear weapons, and over and above all they don’t follow the so called superpower(s) like dummies. Please think about it a minute before your programmed brain jumps and push you to type meaningless responses

  6. @anonymous, countries are not classified by armies and weapons , you are 100% right ,

  7. I just sent out a lengthy email to a few of my personal friends, which ended thusly:

    Here’s my best case scenario:
    The cold war and nuclear arms race continues to escalate (for may years to come). Instead of 150 long range nuclear weapons (by 2105), the United State and Russia will have a combined total of around 8000 nuclear warheads on HIGH ALERT (with hair triggers)! In order to overcome the NMD shield, Russia must plan to launch massively and quickly, in any crises (whether perceived, or real)!
    Such increased emphasis upon accident-prone quick launch options would be virtually certain if the United States deploys a national missile defense in this decade. To deal with this contingency, Russia would likely deploy multiple warheads on its new land-based Topol M strategic missile and might even consider extreme responses including the fielding of space mines designed to disable the NMD's space-based sensor system in the event of U.S.-Russian hostilities. So, on and so forth…..

    (And, keep in mind that's "the best case")!

  8. @anonymous , I kept my mind that's this is the best case scenario but how the worst case scenario will be then !!?
    Oh man if all those millions were spent on fixing the environment and feeding all those poor in the world ,I swear we will have a huge excess !!??

  9. The "best case" put forth by anonymous is really a worst case. The best case is for the Neo-cons to be put out of commission permanently. The US should just worry about it's borders and stay away from other countries. The US needs to break ties with England and Israel. Put the Tariffs back with high tariffs for manufactured goods and low tariffs for oil and other raw materials and keep to ourselves!


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