Saturday, August 30, 2008

When the Marines protest !!

We got in Egypt Marines ,but they are not related to anything military from any or far on the contrary their young men find their ways to escape the military service. The Egyptian Marines are the residents of the famous A class Summer resort “Marina” in the North Coast.Marine is the gathering place of the A Class from socialites,politicians, ministers,pop and film stars you name it.Yes there are other resorts in the north coast exclusive  for the A Class but no like this one. To describe it better Marina now is like Ras Al-Bar pre-1952, I will not say Montaza because historically Montaza was a Royalty exclusive area.

Last week something strange or rather provoking thing in Marina happened , after further thought it is not that provoking or strange ,because this is what Marina is and this who the Marines are ,a class from the Egyptian society mostly isolated from the rest and the majority of classes.

A group of ladies led by a grand daughter of a free officers member large_34181_55643 and a daughter of a famous Businessman protested all over Marina against the Emam of Marina’s mosque after his attack on the Turkish TV series “Nour” !!

Yeah Nour again !! The Nour mania in Egypt , it is disgusting . The ladies wore T-Shirts with Mohand and Nour pictures and roamed all over Marina declaring their refusal to this viscous attack !! The Emam described the TV Series as a waste of Time !!

A protest for the blue eyes of Mohand !! I respect protesting and freedom of expression but this is too much , I never heard that someone protested because of a TV series ,it is not a cult TV series like a Star Trek for God sake !!

Strangely the Police and the interior ministry did not crack this protest as they usually do especially it is for a foreign person !! well may be they did not crack it because they want more of that sort of protests , if you remember from two years ago there was a similar post when Tamer Hosni was in Jail at Cairo !!

Have we reached to this level of inconsideration and isolation ??

This is even worse than pre-1952.marina-2_833_5705

We have now Two Egypt , the rich Egypt and the poor Egypt and between them there is a middle Class losing more ground to the poor Egypt.

It is so sad and disgusting that this happens in the same country where some people protest from time to time to get clean water , bread and small raises to help them in Ramadan and schools time !!

It is so sad and disgusting !!

Famous Arabic Poet Al-Mutanabbi from Middle Century once described Egypt saying

Egypt got many things that can make you laugh , a laugh that is near to cry !!

Do you remember the wonderful Obey Giant Poster I posted from two days ago ??


Tyrants love  shallow classes like this , because they are the leading classes many from lower classes look up trying to be like them , they like to make the people busy in anything other than resisting them.



    The Season finale is tomorrow

  2. The Emam should mind his business and focus on more important issues.

  3. @Mohamed, yeah at last thank God

    @anonymous , and those ladies should grow up and leave the fantasy world

  4. the problem is that this class in egypt includes the politicians and the decision makers in egypt,,i mean there is nothing strange when we all see that everything is ruined in the country,,every country have several classes,,one of them are patriotics caring about people and their nation,,but here we have these guys taking control,,steal,,ruin our morality,,ruining egypt,,economy,,international affairs,,nothing is +VE,
    and nothing will change if this class lost its whole control over egypt
    NB: do they have nothing to do except to watch noor??!! comeon its even not that interisting :@:@
    thanx and sorry for typin alot

  5. @Misho , first of all you did not type a lot , second yes it is a huge problem to have such class on the top of the society ,it is no wonder that we are so bad in everything , I must say that when this class reaches to this level of isolation from the rest of the society ,it means that we are so near from a revolutionary change hopefully


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