Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Blast in Syria

Early in the morning in Syria about 8:45 AM a huge blast took place in a popular area near a buses station and a security establishment we do not know what it is. The blast took place near from Lady Zeinab Shrine in Damascus , which is a holy place and attraction from Shiites in Syria ,Iraq and Iran.Also the area can be considered a cross road between the North and the East of Syria

17 persons were killed and 14 persons were injured according to the National Syrian TV and the death toll is still escalating.Already according to the official statement a car was used in the bombing was carrying 200 tons of explosives , which is huge amount.

This is the first terrorist act that targets the Syrian civilians since a long time. Also it comes after a serious of mysterious assignations took place across the country. Not to mention it comes at the same time the Syria seems to regain power in the region.

Till now the message behind this blast is not obvious , it is for sure sent to the Syrian regime but for what ?? For its Relations with Iran or the regime itself !!??

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  1. Inside opposition revolutionary powers try again to hit the totalitarian regime and bring democracy to the beautiful country of Syria.

  2. But Abe how they are going to liberate Syria if they target innocent people ??


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