Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Circus of freaks and clowns

A Hot meal for the media in the holy month that contains the holy trinity of suspense : SEX,BUSINESS and POLITICS
On daily basis there are full pages in all newspapers dedicated to the crime along with ads from TMG !!
The details are either the same or different according to the imagination of the journalist.
It turned in to a media circus especially that the lawyers of both El-Sokary and Mustafa started to accuse each other from now.
Hisham Talaat Mustafa chose Farid El-Dib and Shawaky El-Said as his lawyers , El-Dib is the Satan's advocate, he is famous for defending Azam Azam where as El-Said is a MP NDP laws tailor who made the worse laws in Egypt still I do not know his experience in criminal courts.Farid is excellent lawyer but sometimes he loses the cases just like Azam Azam , Azam returned back to Israel in an POW exchange. Farid El-Dib is accusing Adel Matoq ,the second husband of Suzanne of killing her and setting up Hisham along with the help of Sokary !! On the other hand the lawyers of Sokary are denying those charges and saying that it was Hisham who set up Poor Mohsen.
Now because it is a circus you will find some freaks and clowns in it.

Last week I read several statements for famous lawyer and Mortadah Mansourtroublemaker Mortadah Mansour in several newspapers. He says that he got info about the crime and do not ask me how especially that last year he was where Hisham is currently : In Torah farm prison !!
Mortadah won't defend Hisham in the court because he considers himself a witness !!
He got info ,important info that Hisham did not intend to kill Suzanne .
He also got a big surprise in which he announced , It was Suzanne second husband Adel Matoq who killed her and he got the proof !!?
Again this guy has just been released from prison from couple of months !! Mortadah was the lawyer of Matoq in Cairo when the later was following Suzanne here still I will say it again that Mortadah was in jail last year , many things happened during this year plus according to Matoq he changed Mortadah even before his jail.

Matoq denied the charges on air in Adel Adib’s show and in Al Ahram newspaper.

Already I do not think that Matoq would kill Suzanne , she was his Adel Matoq golden chicken regardless of what he says , look all those millions he got because of her. What he can say in a private moment from anger can’t be a motive or an evidence that can prove he wanted actually to kill her like that.Come on we are not speaking about Prince Hassan Al Atrash here.

Matoq is the under fire of El-Dib and Mansour , it is a strange to see the two rival attorneys agree on something.

You will be surprised to know that the person who stood beside Matoq against this accusation was not anyone except Riyadh Alazzawi !!

Riyadh believes that Hisham was behind the murder of his wife who married him last year seeking his protection as a kickboxing chaRiyadh Al Azzawimp and I think also she was seeking the British Citizenship too. Riyad spoke for the first time in an interesting interview to Sunday Times ,yes it became an international event now . Riyad is accusing Scotland Yard of being lazy as usual as he warned them !! Now it is real an international crime where Beirut,Dubai,Cairo and London are involved !!

Of course this media circus won’t be a real media circus without Nabieh Al Wahash ,the lawyer who got nothing in his life except to sue the celebs, Nabieh is suing Suzanne’s father and brother;Abdel Sattar and Khalil. Nabieh is accusing Abdel Sattar of smuggling cocaine based on the infamous incident from 4 years ago when he was busted in the Cairo airport with cocaine in a jewellery box while he is accusing Khalil of murdering the maid that fall from the four seasons residential building in Cairo. Hisham used his influence to close those files. Yes there are questions that should be answered regarding these two case still Nabieh is doing all this for fame .

Did not I tell you it is now a circus freaks and clowns love to appear in !!


  1. Sexual love almost always ends this way when one lover got let down. Sexual love has only two ways to end. Either the MAN turns his face to another prey on his own or the MAN by all irrational means fights to destroy his ex mistress so no other MAN can enjoy what he had. There is no other way in my openion that a female mistress can get rid of her sexual lover. Based on my assumption all her lovers by name are suspects. Regarding the lawyers,journalists or nyone this Crime is a Farkhah be keshk to have more light and fame. If I were an OBGYN Physician in Egypt or Dubai or Lebanon I would claim that Sussane was one of my patients one day when she had an STD. At that time no one would care that Sussane had an STD but everyone would look for that guy ( ME) who saw Sussane's vagina. I told you, it is a Farkhah be Keshk

  2. @He and She , well from a criminal point of view ,all the men involved in relations with Suzanne are all suspects in the crime but it may turn to be a non crime of passion but rather a crime of money , Suzanne may have fooled Hisham and took millions of dollars according to lawsuits in London and in Switzerland
    Already it turned out according to Al Akhbar Hisham married another woman on the 30th of August right before his arrest !!??
    He did not waste his time


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