Saturday, September 13, 2008

Egyptian X-Files : Who killed Ashraf Marwan ?? The Video

I published a post from two months ago about the TV documentary series “Who Killed Ashraf Marwan ?”

I could not find the the series online then but thank God I found it today this week.It is never too late ,already the file is still open and till now we do not know for real who killed Ashraf Marwan.

Here is the video from Youtube, it is not in good quality I am afraid.It is interesting as I hinted before.It includes an interview with the Bulgarian businessman who said that he saw two middle Eastern men throwing Marwan from his balcony contradicting the testimony of Assam El-Din El-Shawaky and Co. !!

Here is the video

I do not have to bet that Amr El-Lathy is preparing for similar documentary about Hisham Talaat Mustafa and the murder of Suzanne Tamim ,already his newspaper is saying that Hisham did not kill Suzanne.

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