Saturday, September 13, 2008

The language of Numbers : The suicide Rate in Egypt

The Egyptian Gazette published on the 31 of August 2008 an important report about the suicide Rate in Egypt. The official newspaper showed according to studies that there is a rise in the youth Suicide rate in Egypt.

  • In 2007 ,more than 4,000 Egyptians had committed suicide.
  • 50,000 Egyptians got serious injuries from trying to commit suicide but failed.
  • According to the police reports the old maids , unemployed graduates under the age of 25 are the top categories. “Old maids who can’t find new jobs because their strength are not like before and got no pensions and young unemployed who are mostly frustrated because of economic reasons”
  • The main factors that caused them to commit suicide are economic,family and social problems. “Economy is a the major problem here”
  • The main methods used : hanging,poisoning and shooting.

I must mention that both Islam and Christianity “Orthodox church” refuse suicide deaths


  1. May I ask you to provide a link to the source article. This is very important for me, I would like to check this information because the last data on suicide and attempted suicide rates were published in 1987 and the rates were very low. Also the sample size by which the data was collected was questionable.

  2. May I ask how many committed suicide after reading your blog???

  3. It appears to me there is a potential translation laps. The term ‘old maid’ refers to a A woman who has remained single beyond the conventional age for marrying. The verbatim translation as ‘Old maids who can’t find new jobs because their strength are not like before’ may be incorrect. Please check the original Arabic word in police report.

  4. @Mostafa , I wish I have a link ,already the Egyptian Gazette got a PDF Archive system that is not working, I do not know why they put it ,their website is so poor compared to Daily News Egypt

    @anonymous, you are still alive as far as I see

    @anonymous#2, I read this in the Egyptian Gazette , but you got a point here, loneliness plus Social pressure and how the society looks to the unmarried female after certain age in certain classes if not all of them in Egypt can play an important psychological factor ,still you can't dismiss the Old maids and poverty ,may be I look to it from the economic perspective more

  5. From Anon #2

    Suicide is the result of despair due to personal, emotional and psychological reasons. Statistically, depression & suicide happens more in developed countries than the underdeveloped ones. The reason is: poverty activate and sharpen survival skills, and it creates dependency on faith and higher power. Economical factor, especially among the naturally poor, is insignificant (loss of wealth is something else). People in troubled spots in Africa such as Darfur, die in thousands weekly by disease and malnutrition – suicide is not known as a contributing factor.

    Poverty is old in Egypt, despair is new. The ‘old-maid’ phenomena may be treated with social maturity regarding marriage. Accepting the fact that some people are married for life, some are divorced and some will never marry. Life is fair, both happiness and misery is distributed equally among all.

    It is valuable to counter the social stigma and shame the society places on unmarried women. To challenge the cultural perception by forming social circles and support groups for ‘old-maids’. Next, the data in suicide reports about old-maids will change.

  6. Life ain't fair and don't look for faiirness out there just opportunities andhappiness and misery are defiantly not equally distributed and i would like to add if u r going to commit sucide in egypt whynot bomb at least one of the corrupted regimes officials at least u help ur fellow citzen by doing so


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