Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stupid silly game

I found it in BBC Arabic then I found my dear friend Tarek speaking about it ,seriously I would not have heard about except from them. Some games geek loser made some silly stupid game where the gamer wipes out the Islamic race from the face of the earth as its official website says !! Strangely Muslims are not a single race, of course to whom I am talking ??
What shall I say as a Muslim ?? This is a silly game that won’t insult or attack Islam , Islam is much greater than that ,in fact it is an insult to the player who plays it in my opinion.
Am I angry ?? Well at first I was shocked to be honest but after a second thought I know that this does not deserve our anger because this game and those gamers who play it won’t be the first or the last people in history who wish to wipe us from the surface of the earth.Already I do not know who still play this sort of games anymore and here I am speaking about its graphics , it is not a classic Pacman or Super Mario !!
still I will not deny that it is disturbing because those who play these games are generally from the young generations who are raised upon the hate of another religion and its believers to that extent that they want to wipe them. Spreading the culture of violence through that means or way is not less dangerous than other ways of spreading the culture of violence. Video games in general are proving to be dangerous more and more , GTA inspired crimes are moving from North America to Asia
By the way I do not know why I remember the Eternal Forces now , this game suffered huge losses not to mention the huge criticism.
** An Update**
Sigvatr issued an apology to the Muslim World and the game is currently not available on that ex-official Website, hopefully it will not appear somewhere else, also I hope that the apology of Sigvatr apology to be a true sincere one not for fear of being sued of racism

**Another Update 9/18**
It was a rumour , the website uploaded the game again and removed the apology ,I do not understand what is going on !! That Sigvatr fooled the whole world and said that the apology was fake ,well again I said that this game was an insult  to its designer and player , its designer seems to me with my all respect a liar irresponsible loser who does not understand the meaning of freedom of expression ,check out  Game politics , where they published an email between Sigvatr and Danny Ledonne ,the designer of  Super Columbine Massacre !! The guys are speaking of freedom of expression without knowing what it means , I just want to know what the message Sigvatr wants to send to the whole world before he speaks about freedom of expression and Whether freedom of expression means mocking the people and issuing fake apologies !! "Thanks to dear Shane Fenton"


  1. I clicked on the official link. The game is gone and an apology is put in its place.

    Must have got a lot of flack.

  2. But surely it's better to play silly stupid games than to be in Al Qaeda or one of many other Muslim organisations and want to do the opposite in real life?

  3. Mark, is joining Al Qaeda any worse than joining a White sepremacist colonial force that likes to invade as many countries occupying and supressing people, then killing anyone who tries to resist? Did you forget what you people did to the Indians, North Africans, and basically one fourth of the world's population? And now you're channeling your racist hatred that you have been doing for the past century towards Muslims?! Come on, this isn't a "Muslim" problem.
    Mark, Once a racist, always a racist. Let's not pretend.

  4. @N.American , it is good thing that he apologized ,hopefully it is a sincere one , not for fear of being sued in court

    @Mark , both are wrong ,you are not justifying this game because of Al Qaeda ,it is not excuse to spread hate and disrespect among young generations

    @masreya, you are right , once a racist always racist , the Neo Conservatives always have their believes from long time and unfortunately they are using Al Qaeda as an excuse to promote it worldwide

  5. Hi,

    I was attracted to this site thanks to GamePolitics, which covered the controversy about this amateur mini-game :

    Though I understand your reaction towards this, um, "game" (I have reservations for calling it that way, see below), I'd like to add some precisions.

    You seem to assimilate "Muslim Massacre" to video games in general, which is problematic. "Muslim Massacre" is not comparable to mainstream video games sold on the market. They're not even comparable to amateur video games created by a team of benevolous developers and available for free on the Net. It's a crude, amateurish mini-game, probably made in two hours and sent by an idiot that I personally refuse to call a "creator".

    To take an example, there are as many differences between "Muslim Massacre" and mainstream video games, than between amateur videos posted on YouTube and mainstream movies. "Happy slapping" videos, or Daniel Pearl's execution video, are sick "creations", and if "Muslim Massacre" had been only a video, it would remain as sick, but they're not "movies", they have nothing to do with Cinema, and Hollywood is not to blame for that crap.

    If you want to know what benevolous game makers are really capable of, and if you want more "positive" examples of games covering Middle East, I recommend you Broken Crescent :

    More pictures here :

    Have a nice day, and God bless you (no matter how you worship Him).

  6. ya Zeinobia, 3mela eih? again a good post...
    I've already made my comments in Global Voices... This kind of games are so deplorable. And the apologize (of the creator)comes from such an unbelievable sense of culpability that sounds even insulting now.

  7. I come back here, just to say that the "Muslim Massacre" site is back, with the game available again. Not only that, but the author's apology was fake.

    Look here :

    Have a nice day despite of that crap.

  8. @Shane, first of all thank you for your comment , I agree with you that this game does not represent the mainstream of games and I do not blame the Cinema for the crapy films still it is dangerous because some people play it
    This game and this videos of Mr.Pearl terrible murder should not be there my dear friend.
    It is not helping not anyone to promote for this game because it feeds radicalism for both sides.
    People should know games are for fun and leisure a fantasy world you can escape to not to promote hate.
    thanks for the links to broken Crescent , for sure there are positive games like Prince of Persia and Civilization

    @Itxa, thank you so much , the apology turned to be fake one dear,it is even more insulting but not to us , it is to him because it showed him liar and irresponsible

  9. this is a big insult to muslims!.the creator of this game and who play at it be aware of your life and know that ALLAH subhanu wataala will give you the fire of the hell!


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