Sunday, September 14, 2008

Farouk and Exile : Last Impression

I shared with you my first impression about the show when It was aired and I did not complete as I promised my review to this documentary after airing its second half.
I know I am bit late , I am sorry for that but it is never too late.Princess Faeka
With my all respect for someone who knows some how the history of the Egyptian Royal family , I will tell you that Ricardo Karm did not add anything new at all except his excusive interview with Mr.Fouad Sadek,the son of Princess Faeka,King Farouk’s sister after his interview with Former King Ahmed Fouad II in the first part. This was the only scoop in my opinion in that second party . For the first time we know the story of life and death of the luckiest person in this doomed Royal Family “Princess Faeka” whom was the first one to marry from outside the Royal family ,a commoner and lived with him happily ever after despite what they had met from hard times after the revolution. Princess Faeka just like Princess Fawzia did not like the media much and till her silent death in 1990s no one knew anything about her. Even in her death she decided to be buried as a commoner and not as a Princess Faeka reading a newspaperroyalty ,she was buried on her wish beside her husband in his family cemetery.
I was so happy to see Mr. Sadek speaking about his mother and showing family photos for the first time . BY the way I think Mr.Fouad looks like his uncle King Farouk.
Now the rest of the show was a repeated history lesson , in fact there are some facts in that history lesson Ricardo for a reason or another ignored like the fact that both Nazli and Fatahiah converted to Christianity despite he showed the tomb of Nazli in a Christian Cemetery in L.A..
Even the part about the sudden of King Farouk there was nothing new about it despite it was kind emotional seeing how it is described by his offspring King Ahmed Fouad II and Princess Farial after all those years.
Here is the complete video : Part One and Part Two.

Part One

Part Two

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