Monday, September 15, 2008

Saving Hatshepsut’s grandsons

Queen Hatshepsut of ancient Egypt was famous for her diplomatic relations and expedition to a faraway land called Punt ,it was a major achievement that was scribed in her temple at Deir el Bahri.
The land of Punt some argue that it is currently Somalia
Now Hatshepsut’s grandsons are back again to Punt as the Somali Pirates hijacked the Egyptian El-Mansoura cargo ship !!
The news came from outside and strangely the reaction of the Egyptian State which this ship and most of its 25 crew members belong to was less reactive and less angrier than the reaction of Sarkozy !!
There is another French yacht which was hijacked at the same time with Al Mansoura.
Sarkozy threatened the pirates with a military respond from the French Navy similar like the one he launched to save his citizens before while the Egyptian Foreign ministry is speaking about negotiations and ransoms !!
This is an insult
Are we going to negotiate with Pirates now ??
Where is the Egyptian Navy ??
At least this can be a living exercise to them and do not give me lectures about the international law and all that jazz because no country respects it anymore .Already the Somali Pirates problem should be ended.
Sarkozy cares for his citizens and sent his commandos to save them where as Mubarak did not comment a single comment about that ship well he did not comment till now about Badr I , even his ministers are acting as if there were no Egyptians on board of those ships !!??
And some people wonder why we feel strangers in our


  1. This is a reply concerning the Egyptian Navy. Yes, they exist, but is not capable of it's intended mission. I have witness these Navy, and to be honest, they are the most undiscipline, and less motivated armed forces I ahve ever seen. Good luck, when Egypt will need them in a national emergency, becuase, I can guarantee you that they will show up, but probably a week later. Inshallah

  2. @anonymous , this is not good but I am not surprised

  3. This post undoubtedly showed the high level of ignorance you are in. Consult a person who understands in maritime law before feeding the internet with such horse crap.

  4. @anonymous , this is my blog and this is my opinion , why do not you tell the French about the maritime law before preaching me ??


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