Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What is happening in Syria ??

I found this news in Jpost and Haaretz today based on this article here in the Reform Party of Syria official website , I found nothing in the Arabic News Websites till the moment of writing this post , not to mention nothing in SANA.
Of course there is no confirmation yet from HAMAS nor from Syria , the Israelis can not be trusted not to mention I will think several times before believing a Syrian unknown opposition Party working from the United States.
Still it will be very alarming because this is the third assassination that happens in Syria this year after the assassination of Emad Mughniyeh and Mohamed Soliman “I did not post anything about the later despite he was interesting character”. The assassinations as I see are happening across Syria despite the Iron control of the regime.
That reform party website claims that the Assad regime is behind that assassination because it wants Hamas to cut its relations with Iran , of course you wonder how an opposition party in the States would know this not to mention the facts that Syria is considered a channel between Tehran and the West and the Mossad for sure is targeting the Hamas leaders.
I do not know why suddenly we forgot the Mossad and its bloody history of assassination ,shall we forget the Khaled Mashal affair in Jordan now ?
Anyhow it is better to wait and see what is going on.


  1. syria the best country :)

  2. Assad is not safe in his crown any more. Opposition fractions are starting to pave the road for a new Syria, a democratic for a change.

  3. @Abe, for sure he is not safe but how these powers will pave for new democratic Syria if the innocent civilians are killed


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