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Questions need to be answered in Suzanne Tamim affair

Questions About Suzanne

1- The deceased singer came to Egypt with no fortune at all according to her lawyer in Egypt BUT according to news reports her fortune which many people are fighting to put their hands on is more than U.S 75_4565_1059271198 $ 10 Million ,from where did she get all that fortune especially that she made only albums none of them was a hit ??

2- Who was the real and official husband of Suzanne ?? Was he Adel Matoq or Riyad El-Ghazawi ??

3- What is the exactly the relation between Tamim and Hisham Talaat Mustafa ?? Was she his mistress or was she his wife ?? There IS a rumour saying that she was his Urfi wife and because she had the British Citizenship and wanted half his fortune after divorce ??

5- What is the story of that maid who committed suicide in the four Season hotel and was said to have a love relationship with Suzanne’s brother ??

6- Why do the foreign media insist on calling Suzanne a Pop Diva or a Pop Star ?? She was not none , she was a Diva like Fairoz or Magda El-Roumi nor she was a pop star like Haifa or Shereen !!

7- Where is the mother of Suzanne Tamim , some reports said that she was with her recently before her death , does she know something and is scared of sharing it ??

8- Was it true that a phrase was found on her body saying the following "This body is mine and no one will enjoy it except me !!" ?? It was reported in both Rosa Al Youssef and Al Dostor if I am not mistaken.This phrase means it is a crime of passion or may be it was written to divert the real motive of the crime ??

9- Was it true that she was a junkie ?? and that Mohsen El-Sokary used to bring her the drugs by the orders of Hisham !!?? Already if that were true then she knew El-Sokary then how would she let him in her house at Dubai !!??

Questions about Mohsen El-Sokary

1- If Mohsen El-Sokary had deceived Naguib Sawiris and stole from him money , why did not the later and he is not a  weak man in  a way or another inform the authorities ?? Especially El-Sokary jeopardized Akher Saa cover the lives of his Egyptian Co-Workers when he should protect them ?

2- How could Mohsen El-Sokary do such silly mistakes that led to his arrest in the murder of Tamim ?? This man was chosen to work in the State Security , he should be intelligent enough to know what to do , he should not have used his credit card because it would lead to him ,but he used it not only in buying the snickers he wore in the crime but also the weapon he used to kill Suzanne itself “He used a military knife to cut the throat of Suzanne.

3- How could Mohsen forget that there are surveillance cameras installed in the building at Dubai Marina where he went to kill Suzanne if he planned for this for too long ?? He did not kill her in London despite his agreement with Hisham because he thought it would be too danger and he watched her for days in Dubai and knew everything about her but could not know there are cameras installed , it seems to that a man like him should have visited the building at least twice in disguise to know the place of the apartment, the entrance and the exist !!

4- How could he forget that the clothes he changed would carry his DNA and not to mention to leave them at the Crime scene in the building itself ??

5- There part I do not understand is the part when Mohsen went to Suzanne apartment , all agreed that he pretended to be a messenger but from where exactly or behalf of whom , some say that he pretended to be from Emaar company himself while others say he pretended to be a delivery guy from package delivery company , which story is the right ??

6- In the package Delivery company story it is said that he sent her an email from the company computer itself informing her that she received a package , first how could he have an access to the company's computer ?? Second what we know that she went to Dubai secretly and she had just settled there so who could possibly send  a package to her then ??

7-Why did not he use a gun with a silencer ?? May be the security in the building has warring devices but did not he fear that she would scream out loud ??

8-Which story is true : Hisham transferred the two million dollars to El-Sokary abroad and from there the Interpol made a connection between him and Mustafa or El-Sokary hided the money in his apartment “he hided 250,000 dollars in the oven !!” ??

9- Is it true that they found drugs in El-Sokary’s apartment ?? Already he looks too strong and healthy for someone who is taking drugs !!

Questions about Hisham Talaat Mustafa

1- Why did a famous Lawyer in Cairo specialized in criminal courts  refuse to accept the case ?? Did he feel that there is no hope for Hisham ??

2- Is it true that Hisham is enjoying a 5 stars treatment in the Torah front1.485697 farm prison ??

3- Is it true that Ahmed Ezz sent him flowers to the jail ??

4-Is it true that the government wanted Ibrahim Soliman , the former housing minister who is accused of corruption to be the CEO of TMG but the Talaat Mustafa family insisted to keep it in the family ?? “It seems to me that the government wanted to destroy TMG like the Arab contractors !!”

5- Was Hisham a friend to Gamal or Alaa Mubarak??

General Questions about the case

1- Is it true that there is some Egyptian businessman knew about El-Sokary’s involvement before anyone would know and call an Emirati tycoon and told him about it ?? You do not need too much brain to guess that the Egyptian Businessman is Ahmed Ezz and the Emirati Tycoon is Mohamed El-Abaar .

2- Is it true that with the jail of Hisham , the Real Estate A Class Cake will be divided between Mubarak in laws “Rasakh’s SODIC”and El-Gamal Palm Hills” !!??
And Of course the ultimate Question



  1. Excellent questions. There are way too many unknowns going on in this. Crime of passion? Would a man this clever risk his future and his security for a woman of little fame. There are prettier and more famous women he could have been with. And I myself thought what a sloppy crime this is. Seems she got mixed up with the wrong people and paid a price for it.

    The drug connection is also a strange one.

    The entire story is bizarre and I highly doubt anyone but God will ever know the real truth. Media is 2 controlled. I saw 5 min of the show about the famous Druze singer Ismahan. Another singer but one of actual talent that died under mysterious circumstances. Will anyone ever know the truth. Do they know who was behind the killings of the Kennedys?Will the rest of us ever really know?

    It isn't just the Middle East that likes mysteries or conspiracies. It's a global phenomenon.

  2. @N.American princess, this is what makes Egyptians wonder , why , for what ??
    I was surprised when I read about the drug connection
    I watch Ismahan TV Series,it is beautiful , believe it or not her mystery was much for elite than this , she was killed by the British in revenge because she doubled crossed them with the Nazis
    for sure we are not only the Conspiracy theories lovers , at least we do not have area 51

  3. This murder was a conspiracy made by Hisham to kill Suzanne in revenge for something and it really doesn't matter what. The issue of having tycoons in the Arab world who are above the law is nothing new. It is the fact that they are tied to the regime that is most troubling. The accused who was hired by Hisham to kill Suzanne is a former personal bodyguard of the pharoh and later his son before he became chief of security of one of the tycoon's hotels. A very strong and short-published story and which makes a lot of sense by the way, suggests that he did not commit the crime himself and that he fooled two of his former subordinates who are still in intelligence service to do it claiming that it is a national security issue ordered to be resolved by the big man (which is of course untrue). The French are the ones who unveiled the story after the criminals and the accused fled back home through the French territories. Upon a request from the Emirates government, the French government tracked down all phone calls and came to the identity of the real murderers and their link to the accused.
    This story answers a lot of your questions. The accused did know about the cameras but deliberately used it as an alibi for his innocence cause she was still alive after he left. It was not him who claimed that he is a messenger. He was still a friend of hers at that time and she would allow him in the building naturally. It was the other two men who have claimed they are messengers. So the accused visited Suzanne and left her unharmed and then flew to Paris. Later, the two men came in and killed her in 7 minutes (professional work of course). When they reached Paris too, they called the accused to report success and the latter related the news to Hisham.
    Doesn't that also makes sense explaining why the General Prosecutor banned publishing!!

  4. @anonymous ,First of all I know very close sources that El-Sokary was not working as bodyguard for Mubarak or his son, second all the reports did not mention that he went to France ,he came back directly from Dubai to Cairo , also the two intelligence personals , I am sorry I do not think that they hire stupid naive people in the intelligence to believe that story he told them to kill Suzanne
    also the film showed one man , one man who stayed 12 minutes starting from pushing her inside her flat
    but to be honest the early reports spoke about two persons
    so why would the Emiratis lie about all that ??

  5. welcome

  6. Thank you for thinking this way i believe that it is all a set up and that Talaat Mostafa didn't do it, no man will risk his life in that stupid way while he is one of the tycoons in the world. This is a very good question i hope all egyptians and the world see it this way, how the Egyptian goverment is corrupted and destroy egyptian business men for their own interests. Many were gone like Amr Ezz El Arab, and a lot of other names can't recall.
    isn't it enough destorying people lives i don't know really the people behind all this corruption how they sleep at night and how they get married and have children and fee safe about their children, they forgot that there is God to that extent this people has no faith of his existance. really enough enough corruption and mystery in a place used to be a land of peace.
    All what we can do is to pray God to keep us safe and revenge for all the people who suffered from this people

  7. @anonymous, you welcome , I do not know for real if it was a setup or Suzanne was killed to shut up her ,Hisham made a huge mistake of involving with her and she made even greater mistake to get involved with man like that
    I do not know really as you said the names are too many to remember e.g : Wagih Abaza and Hosam Abu Fatoh


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