Saturday, September 27, 2008

Where are the hostages then ??

A Libyan official yesterday stated that there were no hostages in Libya despite we are speaking about big vast desert here. Anyhow if they are not Libya where are they ??
We know that they left Egypt , We Know they left Sudan and they are not in Chad ,despite they can be in Chad now.
There is no much information available the media now , Germany wants the media to shut up till the negotiations are over. There are news of Publication ban circulating.Well it does not deserve a Publication ban because there is no much to share or know.
The abductors are negotiating and demanding Germany alone to pay the 6 Million Euros for all hostages.
The interior ministry by the way began to control the area in the south,the New Valley Governorate saw a witch hunt against smugglers and criminals.
Update No.1 :
According to Al Dostor Daily today an Egyptian Mediator reached out to the abductors and made sure that the hostages are fine according to some sources. The newspaper gave hints the mediator is from the Egyptian intelligence who got to the abductors through the tribesmen.
Update No.2 :
According to Save Egypt Front website , the abductors are from the Al Qaida group in Morocco and Tunisia and they are demanding the release of Islamists prisoners in Egypt.Beside their resource in Cairo ,the e-newspaper is drawing a connection between this abduction and another abduction happened in Tunisia in the same way led by the Al Qaida branch there.
This is possible but all experts say that there were no political motive especially that if it were for political motives,the abductors will be more than happy to announce it in the media.
Plus from past experiences it will be more logic that these abductors would be from the Sudan Liberation front not from the Al Qaida as the SLF from couple of months abducted couple of tourists from the same location for a ransom that they can use to finance their operations.
Update No. 3:
This is from Khaleej Times based upon Reuters that the hostages are suffering from shortage in food and fuel !!
Update No. 4:
According to Al Arabiya Channel,the hostages turned back to Sudan after getting some supplies from Libya !!??

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