Monday, October 6, 2008

The daughter of the Nile; the anthem of Mohamed Ali Royal Family

This is from the rare songs of Asmahan and Farid , already he composed its music. For years it was kept away for political reasons , after it was the anthem of Mohamed Ali Royal Family that praises Mohamed Ali ,the founder of the Egyptian Royal Family.

For decades this rare song was known as the “Bent AL Nile” Song or the daughter of the Nile song as the beginning of the song Asmahan sings and says that she is the daughter of the Nile.

May be it is not about 1973 war but I thought of sharing it today hitting several birds with one stone.

Of course this anthem whose music was composed by Farid Al Atrash was not the official Anthem of Egypt nor it was the Royal Anthem which was Salam Effandina

I hope you enjoy it

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