Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No It Is Not A Personal Freedom Issue , It Is A Sick Pervert Issue.

I was not going to speak or to follow up about the swingers case in Egypt but something made me change my mind. I found this in Yahoo ! News . What personal freedom  Mr. Hossam Bahget is speaking about !!??

Does this pervert behaviour become acceptable under the name of personal freedom ?? What personal freedom ?? This is free prostitution , sick free prostitution !!?? 

It is not about Consensual sex between adults , it is sick thing against all odds , against the idea of marriage itself in all the religions  all over the world. It is against the human rights in my opinion.

It is so sick when I read more about it in the newspapers ,the details and the confessions made me so angry and so sick , have we reached to this ??

By the way it seems that this swingers club was a group on the facebook , yes the facebook ,already believe it or not I made a quick search and I found three swingers Arab groups , one a very private group in Egypt ,another one in KSA and the last one in Emirates. The bad use of technology ,what I can say !!??

The police forces are not wrong this time ,do not play the game of personal freedom and freedom this time for God sake.

The bad news is when I asked and searched I found out those two perverts may go away with it because there is nothing in the Egyptian law that prohibits Wife swap as far I could tell , it was not a prostitution and despite it is considered adultery husbands are in it too , it is complicated from the legal way , I mean they did not imagine when they put the laws that something like this would happen !!

For sure the Egyptian laws need to be updated for moral and sexual crimes like this.

By the way I amazed to know that many of couple members in this shameful club are from outside Cairo and most if not all of them are from the Middle Class !!

I just wonder if they have kids or not !!??


  1. These human rights organizations in our countries are just filthy rotten agencies, working on nothing but breaking the moralities, foundations and traditions of the society from the inside. What kind of personal freedom are this slmiy SOB and his human right group talking about? How about society rights, family rights and marriage rights? It is just a disgusting matter, and knowing that there people and groups advocating such activities as some sort of personal freedom is even more disgusting. The least the government could do is the shutdown these kinds of "rights" organizations or kick them outside the society.

  2. I think punishing those people by just publishing their names is more effective in stopping such filthy and pervert acts than putting them in jail.

  3. @anonymous to be honest and fair not all the human rights organization are rotten or working to destroy the morals of our societies,the problem is that some of these organizations took the western example and perception about the human rights copycat without any understanding that our society is different from other societies

    @Tarek , I think that it is a good idea ,in fact couple of newspapers published their photos and I respect their decision because they should be exposed ,hopefully the police will catch the other couples , man as if we need this too

  4. call it what you like, sick, perverted, twisted, immoral.... but is it a crime? does deserve all this police attention and resources, and infiltration and sting operations....
    my two cents

  5. Zenobia, you have not even waited for a court finding them 'guilty' to publish their photos. Bravo. You have just shown you are a law abiding citizen. From now on, you should not talk about state intervention or protection. You might as well take a knife and stab them. You know their faces, anyway.

    No one will like everything in society. I do not like stupid people for example, and I think they only deserve the sharp edge of my favorite axe, but I do not. Swinging, and many other things, are 'victimless crimes'. You may call it sick, perverted, prostitution, or whatever you want, but you have no right to stop it, because then, you will be the violent criminal.

  6. No one, including the Human Rights NGOs, defended swaping.. The only thing they talked about is the police interception of defendants' electronic correspondence.. Being charged with a crime doesn't give the right to the police or the society to violate all/any of my rights by the name of morality.. It's against human rights to publish their photos or their names, as i think..

    And again, i don't know why we are concerned by what people do in their bedrooms and what they r doing to their bodies by their own consent!


  7. You are just jealous because you know no one would invite you to partake

  8. Yes, it is a crime! It is a crime against values like family and marriage, which are expected to be honored by the members of the society and those who cannot respect the rights of these values because they are extra sexually excited and cannot get enough of their own spouses should be punished by at least disclosing their identities. If sexy beasts like these couples should not call their relationships as marriage maybe f*** buddies or group sex but not a husband and wife.

    The "society" has a specific "conservative" perception of marriage and it is duty the individuals and governing agencies to protect and preserve this perception.

  9. "You are just jealous because you know no one would invite you to partake"


  10. Im sorry, I can't accept anything you've just stated in your post.

    How is it any of your business? You seem to be adamantly against what they're doing, so obviously you're not going to join in. Ok. Good. That's your belief and you have every right to it.

    It could be against religion, all religions for that matter and for that they will be judged by God.

    How is that anyone's business?

    If you don't like it don't do it. It might be sick, discgusting, perverted, insane or the most absurd thing on earth but why on earth do you care if they are doing it?

    Did they force people to join them? No. Did they hassle people on the street because of it? No. Where they doing it in private? Yes. (In my opinion, they didn't have to, but this just strengthens their case).

    So HOW ON EARTH is this anyone's business?

    You know, Freedom is not an abstract known that you can divide seperate or categorize. You take it all or none at all. Responsible freedom. Freedom at the expense of no one else.

    The fact that you're disgusted or find what they did perverted or anything else for that matter is not their fault.

    It's just your opinion.

  11. This is absolutely an immoral act, but it is not ILLEGAL!!! If we should prosecute these "alleged" crimes, then why don't we copy Saudi Arabia? Why don't we force all women to wear veils? People in Egypt have lost sight of the real reasons behind their inadequancies to cope with the new world order.

  12. I agree with Faisal.

    Why don't you mind your own business? Let people be...who are you to judge anyone? And why are you so intent on "naming and shaming" them? What good does that do anyone, besides satisfy your own thirst for feasting on other people's misfortune?

    There are a lot of things I don't agree with, but the world isn't based on my view of it. In India, brothers in poor families "share" one wife and she's legally married to both of them...Eskimos share their wives with visitors, because those are their customs...and people in the US (where I live) are disgusted by people who have multiple wives, like us Egyptians. Different people do different things and all we should do, is mind our own business and look after our own lives.

    How does this affect you, Ms. Busybody???

  13. Swingers ads in Egypt were present on the web since the late ninties, I remebered that I saw many ads on (Classifieds2000.com) it was a huge website then like nowadays facebook, but larter was sold to Excite.com and it was not free anymore.

    and those accused of swinging are not different from those who use their own kids in prostitution, and there are thousands of them in Egypt, Yes thousands.

    I think Swingers are all over he world, I saw many of them in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Leabnon, but none of them took the same media coverage as the ones in Egypt, thanks to our free and amateur media who just showed the subject as something unique that Egyptians invented.

    what worries me is that the Police, investigators, lawyers, and Judges involved in this case will not be that educated and there will many innocent people will be hurt by that, cause in Egypt "the accused is guilty until further notice"


    Crazy Dog

  14. Dear Zeinobia

    You need to relax slightly and take a step back. Variaton in human sexual behvaiour has always and will always exist in Egypt and elsewhere. Whether you impose Shariaa law or adopt liberal policies.

    the fact that the internet has been used is again nothing new. The regime that you have criticized so rigorously in the past will only take this as an excuse to clamp down further on personal and political freedom.

    Better spend your energy on defending bloggers such as Kareem Nabil Soliman.



  15. @Wael ,I think it deserves attention because it shows there is something wrong in our society even on the small range , it is prostitution in the eyes of the Police and I can't blame them , in the Prostitution they do all that.

    @anonymous#1, first of all I did not publish their photos and second I do not know how by defending morals and marriage I would be a violent criminal !!??

    @Yara , this procedure is used in the prostitution cases , in the eyes of the police this is a prostitution case

    @anonymous#2, I can't find words to keep it clean but you can imagine what I want to say

    @Faisal , no dear there is nothing an absolute freedom take it all or leave it ,it seems that you do not understand Freedom ,Freedom is not chaos , we are not animals ,in fact animals do not do this

    @anonymous#3,what new order you are speaking about ??

    @anonymous#4,in my society according to its customs and traditions ,to its religions refuse this act , this is an act against the norm of the society , the society has the right to refuse that act it is normal thing ,I have the right to discuss this pervert case because this is just like sexual harassment

    @Crazy dog,they are there but they should be stopped like Prostitution about the Police I hope that they would be very careful because this is not satanism case it is much worse

    @ arab democracy,this is not about personal or political freedom ,it is about the morals of the society ,the same society we expose corruption in it ,this is another form of corruption
    I think I defend blogging and bloggers alot

  16. Im afraid Im going to have disagree with you again... Freedom is, in arabic, shay2on la yogaza2.

    The only place freedom stops is at others' rights; you are free to do whatever you want as long as you do not transgress on others rights.

    In reference to what you last said: You do not have the right to decide whether we are animals or not. If I wish to be an animal, I am free to be so.

    Explain one thing to me if you will: How have their actions affected you? Im not talking about you being disgusted or so on and so forth... you can be disgusted when you see a dead body or a cat squashed by a car yet you wont blame freedom for it or the fact that human beings are animals or not.

    How did that couple's actions affect anyone in society but themselves and others they interacted with?

  17. pretty obviously you kids dont live in america because if you did you would realize what personal freedoms actually are: actual freedom. freedom to do what you want as long as it doesn't harm anyone else. what that guy did is fine by me.

  18. This is Anonymous #2. And actually, no I can't imagine what you'd want to say.

    The simple truth is that no law was broken. If people want to behave like animals in the privacy of their own home, the government can't get involved. And sex crimes mean rape and prostitution...this isn't prostitution, because no money was exchanged for sex.

    Incidentally, it's kind of funny that the police and various members of parliament are spending their time going through online sex ads, instead of doing their jobs. Such as not torturing prisoners or trying to make sure that when a natural disaster befalls the poor people, like that rockfall, in Duweiqa, help doesn't get there six hours later.

    This may be offensive to you, but to many other people it qualifies as just a different way of doing things. Like marrying four women, for instance.


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