Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Save these villas

There are two historical villas in Egypt which are threatened to be demolished sooner or later ,
They are very historical and important

The first one is the famous Zeinab El-Waikal Villa , the infamous sad exile of Egypt's first President Mohamed Naguib at Al Marg . This important villa is 100 years old not to mention its importance in our modern history to become the exile of Egypt's first president from 1954 till his death.
The second villa or rather a Palace is the Palace of Sultana Malak , the wife of Egypt's ruler and only Sultan Hussein Kamal in Misr Al Gadida. Already that historical palace was turned in to a school
As far as I understand the Cairo Governorate wants to do some expansion works in the area ,I don’t know if they are for the underground or for a new bridge !! " The Sultana was the first one from the right in this picture with queen Farida"

It is irony because Naguib was the first President of Egypt and Malak was the first and last Sultana of Egypt !!
I would like to remind you that there is a Presidential decree that no villa or palace would be demolish except by the orders of the military ruler.

This decree is being broken several times a month
I can't stand more concrete big buildings in Cairo for God Sake
It is enough to know that the house of the Knight of Poetry and Sword , the famous Mahmoud Samy El-Barudi was demolished !!
FYI Four Season Nile Plaza is originally built upon the Palace of Sherif Sabri Pasha ,King Farouk's uncle and Hisham Talaat Mustafa before his arrest bought the Palace of Sadnawy Pasha in Garden City for L.E 50 Million Cash in an auction*
Garden City is going to move from all those huge concrete building s for God Sake,it isn’t Garden City anymore but rather Concrete City.

* I have just knew that this palace used to be owned by the runaway businessman Hisham El-Nasharty and now Hisham Talaat Mustafa is in jail , there is something about this palace ;)

I also knew that TMG also leased the land of Sultana Malak in Luxor for 50 years so they can build on it a Four seasons hotel there.

Update : Another good news I knew Sadnawy Pasha Palace is registered a historical landmark and thus it will not be demolish thank God :)

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