Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another unfair court rule ; This is how we honour our war heroes

I have enough from these merciful court rules against the police officers convicted in torture cases !!

This is the newest court rule in the silly TV series “Police torture to the People in Egypt”

One year in Jail term for two Police officers and 4 detectives for torturing a 1973 war veteran and a former army colonel in Ismailia.

The army colonel is called Adel El-Shaer ,he was torture in the 2nd Ismailia police station and he has lost nearly 80% of his hearing sense beside other injuries in his bodies which are proved by the medical examination.

This is an old case goes back to  2006 and it caused a lot of anger in both the army and in the Ismailia.Already his case was mentioned in the Human rights watch.

Colonel Adel sent a complain to President Mubarak, the commander in Chief and here is the result after two years , those who made him feel a stranger in his own land that he fought for in 1973 took one year in Jail !!

Those bastards may not have been born when this man fought for us in 1973 and this is how we repay him , it is enough the humiliation he suffered from two years , I don’t want to go in the details of his humiliation because it kills me , it kills me because he is an old man , because he is an Egyptian and because above all he fought for us !!

FYI they knew that he is an army personal even a former army personal is respected in Egypt or shall I say was !!??

I just want to tell the judge something with my all respect to him “I am repeating this phrase lately as far as I see”

Dear Judge

You can be in the place of former Colonel,what will be your feelings if you hear that those who hurt your dignity took only on year !!

Even the army officers now became victims of the Police brutality.

I do not want to ask where the minister of defense from all this !!??


  1. Where do you think you are living? In Europe or America? You are living in a police state. Why are you so surprised and shocked. Wake up already. You Arabs only understand the iron fist so you will continue to be governed by dictators. Look at what happened to Iraq when they tried to implement democracy. Anyone can tell you that they were better off with their butcher of baghdad. Until you learn to be more like the European descendent Israelis who don't torture their own people, you will continue to be ruled by the police/army or other types of law enforcement.

  2. Well I hate this sort of comparison because in the end what kind of democracy that treats other people like shit or dictatorship , the genocides against the Arab population whether in Lebanon or Gaza are not different from the genocides of Saddam Hussein against the ethnic groups of Iraq!!
    My dear why do not check Lebanon or rather check the history of Liberal Egypt before reminding us by the oasis of democracy in the middle east.
    I do not know if you know that not all Israelis are of European descendents


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