Thursday, November 6, 2008

The first national hunger strike in Saudi Arabia

This is the first time I hear about this in a Gulf country like Saudi n1044594992_188013_6437 Arabia ,it is impressive , so impressive.

There is a hunger strike going on in the Kingdom today Thursday and Friday organized by a group of bloggers,university professors and political activists to objection to the inhuman conditions and treatment of the detainees in the Saudi Prisons.

To read more about this wonderful strike which I wish that it will succeed ,please go to Saudi Jeans blog here and there

In another news that is not that good a Saudi Blogger and  poet “Rashdi Al-Gadir” was arrested for the charges of promoting Witchcraft in his poems !!?? I visited his blog and I could not find any witchcraft in it , he is not a Nazir Qabbani style  of Poets despite he was recognized internationally. I think he was caught for this poem

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