Sunday, November 9, 2008

No Angels and Demons in Egypt

The Egyptian Orthodox Church declared war against Angels and Demons film despite its trailer was not yet released when it declared its refusal to this film and its quest to ban it in Egypt !!?? Angels and Demons is a film based upon Dan Brown’s novel by the same name , it is the first part or rather the first series in the World Famous Robert Landgon ,yes the Robert Landgon of the Da Vinci Code.

Strangely in this novel which I am glad that I bought from couple of years before the expected banning order he did not mention from near or far the Egyptian Copt Orthodox Church of Alexandria ,the set was in the Vatican and the conspiracies happening there , yes it is about the Catholic world not the Orthodox world !!??

I read in the last few weeks that the Church is doing all what it can to ban the film and the book and it will succeed just like what happened It is very sad because Hank and his film crew filmed the motion picture in the Italy itself despite the anger of the Vatican from the Da Vinci Code.

Anyhow I respect and understand the Church Jealousy on their religion and I hope that they remember that when we become angry because of the novels and the plays attacking our religion.

It seems that there will be no angels and demons in 2009 in Egypt but still Robert Landgon will find his way to Egypt through the internet,DVDs and Showtime

By the way Angels and Demons novel is interesting and I wish the film will be as interesting as it is.


  1. You are nothing but a Hypocrite.

  2. Can I know why are you accusing me of being a Hypocrite ??

  3. I'm someone who is not interested in this kind of movies, where some people make up their own stories about religion. I'm a muslim and refused to watch the Da Vinci code, because at the end they are talking about Isa a.s. even if they are dealing with the christian religion. Even if the orthodox church is different from the catholic one there are a lot of similarities in the basic issus. So even if I don't know what the film is exactely about, if the christians feel that their belief is attacked by this film, then I understand their reaction.

  4. it will be starring Tom Hanks too!

    I trust Tom's selection of movies.. so it will be great!

  5. @anonymous Muslim,I understand what you are speaking about but you must read it in order to know more about what they are saying about Prophet Isaa a.s

    @Lasto-adri, I like and trust Tom's selection of movies too :)

  6. I just realised that somebody before also made a post with the name anonymous. I'm the second anonymous, muslim. I didn't write the first post! Sorry for the confusion

    I personally don't think that a mystery novel or a blockbuster movie is the best source to learn about christianity. It's more entertaining, that's all...:)Well, I'm not a Tom Hanks fan, I would reconsider my opinion if Joaquin Phoenix would be in it..:) I'm just kidding.
    And by the way, in the da Vini Code they think that Isa a.s. had a relionship with Maria Magdalena and a child with her.That is against the christian belief. And what do I get to know about the christian belief reading about conspiracy theories in the vatican? That is an institution criticized in a lot of points by christians themselfes. I prefer documenatries or historical books based on facts more if I'm really interested in a special subject.
    When I want to be entertained I don't need a blockbuster movie about religion.

  7. World media is controlled tightly by evil elite to achieve their own agenda. Remember Salman Rushdi, a second class writer who gained a global notoriety because of his controversial view of Islam. He is considered by mass media a precious commodity, so he was actually grounded in the days leading to September 11, 2001 to save his life.

    Free speech and freedom of expression flags will always be waved by mass media when there is a controversial issue about Christianity, or Islam for that matter. But if you question who controls the mass media, manipulate the work of Robert Landgon, and Tom Hank, then this is hate speech. Don’t get fooled and entertained when someone else’s religion is insulted, because your belief will be next.

  8. @anonymous Muslim , first of the Da Vinci code is based upon a book called "Holy Blood and Holy grail" which adopts this theory that the Jesus married the Magdalena based on real evidence from their opinion, I read parts of that book ,the authors were serious, the Church was against this because it proves that Jesus was not a God
    For me Devils and Demons do not harm anyone or insult anyone
    It is thriller book nothing more nothing less and it was for long time available in Egypt.

    @anonymous "X" well my religion is being insulted over and over the freedom of expression was always the justification.
    Rushdie is not like Dan Brown ,he is worse than him ,seriously this guy is intending to insult and attack us and our religion


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