Monday, November 17, 2008

The rise of local Citizen Journalism blogs

I am so happy with the current local citizen Journalism blogs in Egypt. Every day I find local blogs in the Omraneya blogging directory from the different Governorates of Egypt.
These local blogs now are concentrating on the local news of these Governorates that ,we the people of Cairo only know these news through official media.
Blogs gave the locals in the different Governorates to raise their voices and share their news whether it is good or bad with the rest of the people in the Republic
These are some local blogs that I admire .

  • The Truth : this blog from Port Said is an icon not only in the local national blogs but in the Citizen Journalism, it managed huge scoops covering the issues of Port Said.Of course it paid the price heavily when it became the first Egyptian blog to be sued in court by a company.This blog is maintained by Tamer Mabrook.

The Truth

  • Sinai where I am : a blog maintained by Ashraf Al Anany ; a local poet from Sinai ,it covers Sinai from all parts ,it is enough that it discusses for the first time the problems of the locals in Sinai .

Sinai Where I am

  • The photographic News of Alexandria : A blog about the news of the second Capital to Egypt as it is used to be known in the past.It is not critical or comprehensive like the previous blogs but again may be because already Alexandria is too close to the media than Sinai and Port Said.

The photographic News of Alexandria

I really wish for more blogs in the parts of Egypt normally the media does not cover properly like Upper Egypt.Surely the Internet Access,the level of education and the Arabization of the blogging software and applications play important roles in their rise and increase.

Surely there are other local bloggers from these parts who maintain personal blogs still they dedicate their blogs to their own personal thoughts not to citizen Journalism.

Some times you need Citizen Journalism to know what is really going in Country like Egypt where the truth can be deliberately hidden.

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