Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shabola slams Obama

Shabola released a new song about Obama and the over joy reaction for his victory in the Arab World.Shabola believes that we should not put a lot of hope on Obama because the dream can turn in to a nightmare like what he chanted.I can't blame him ,we should put too much hope.Strangely Shabola used to endorse Obama ,I do not know why he turned in to the other way !!
I read the song's lyrics , it is powerful , I think the lyricist this time as usual is also Islam Khalil , this man is an excellent political commentator.
Here are the lyrics in Arabic with translation “you will find some terms I insisted to translate it literally because they lose a lot of their charm if I changed them”

أنا شايف الإبتسامة والفرحة ع الوشوش
I see a smile and happiness on the faces 
اياك بارك اوباما ما يكونش زي بوش
مين يعرف ولا يعلم في ايه جوه النفوس
But I fear that Obama would be like Bush
Who knows what is inside of each person
بلاش من بدري نحلم لا يكون الحلم كابوس
We should not dream otherwise the dream will turn in to a nightmare 
خلينا زي ما احنا ما الهم خدنا عليه
Lets be as we are ,already agony is familiar to us
راح بوش وجه اوباما ايه يعني هيحصل ايه
Bush Went and Obama came , so what ??
لسه فلسطين محتله والحرب في العراق
Palestine is still occupied and there is still war in Iraq
والناس عايشه في مذله وعداء يجيب عداء
People live in humiliation and enmity brings enmity
مهما هيعمل اوباما ويلف شمال ويمين
Whatever Obama will do
لا يرجع الحريري ولا حتي الشيخ ياسين
He will not return back Al Hariri nor Al Sheikh Yassin
عرفات مش جاى تانى اللى عاش ايام سواد
Arafat who lived black days won’t come again
ومات والكل عارف بحركات من الموساد
He died and everybody knows that the Mossad is behind it
يا عربى الف سلامة يا عربى يا عينى عليك
Oh Poor Arab 
قاعد مستنى اوباما علشان ياخد بأيديك
You are waiting for Obama to take your hand
ولا بوش ولا اوباما هيفكروا ابدا فيك
Neither Bush Nor Obama will ever think about you
يا عربى مفيش غير ايدك هى اللى راح تحميك
O’ Arab your hand is the one that will protect you
بوش يخرب بيت سنينة باعنا وضيعنا سنين
Bush,damn him he sold us and wasted years from our lives
وأوباما الناس فاكرينه هيكون صلاح الدين
And Obama the people think that he will be Saladin
ما هو بوش ابن المجنونة شعللها في كل مكان
Bush , the son of the crazy woman made wars every where
افغان وعراق وغزة واخرها سوريا كمان
Afghans, Iraq,Gaza and in the end Syria too
هيعمل ايه اوباما في مصايب بوش وابوه
What Obama will do in the disasters of Bush and his father
ما سابوش مكان في العالم الا ما خربوه
They did not leave a place in the world that they did not destroy it.
مجاعات وأزمة ماليه وخرب ودمار وحروب
Famines,financial crisis , destruction and wars
اهو غار ابن المؤذية وسايبهالنا ع الطوب
The son of harmful woman got away and left us the world on the brick *
*Means that Bush ,the son of Barbara ,the harmful left us the world on the verge of bankruptcy !!


  1. LOLLLLL Now, this is something! I've been reading all kinds of disturbing and provocative news for over an hour. Whoever wrote this is a genius!

  2. Islam Khalil who is a 5th grade teacher wrote this :)

  3. It's interesting! But Bush is still our president till Inauguration, January 20th!
    And nothing much should be expected of Obama the first few months at least. If he wants to reform things, he'll have to start at home from DC to Cali to Michigan! That might take a while... And then he can start looking at international issues at that point!


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