Saturday, November 15, 2008

We Had Our Own Batman 1960s Film Too !!

I was reading this post from the Istanbulian about the fight between the Turkish Batman and the American Batman when I stopped at the last part about the 1970s First Batman Film in Turkey ; I remembered we had our own Batman film before the Turks and the Americans in late 1960s  !!
I remember that from couple of years I saw some Unknown film starring Egyptian Cinema all time Hunk Rushdy Abaza on ART FilmsRushdie 2 ,I do not remember its name but I know that Abaza was wearing the Batman custom and he was that fearless brave crime fighter . It was a very silly film produced after the six days defeat , it was terrible,I could not complete it.
The soundtrack was just like the Turkish Film ;a mix between James Bond and Peter Gunn.
Oh man I really wish they re-show it again.
Anyhow by the way the main incident in the Istanbulian’s post reminds me with the calls of Luxor city to sue the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas for Copyrights too , I do not know to where they reached ,did Luxor the city sue the hotel or what ?? Zahi Hawas was angry as far as I remember as if he only knew now that there is a hotel and casino named Luxor in the Sin City !!


  1. A few months ago, when there were talks about incriminating those who would imitate any of the ancient Egypt monuments, I remember that Hawas then said that the Luxor Hotel at Vegas is not considered an imitation!

  2. Batman the character first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939).

    Also Zorro who wears similar costumes. The character has been adapted for over forty films, and the first one was "The Mark of Zorro" (1920).

    So I don't think we have any right to claim that we invented this character.

  3. @Hina wa Hinak , I bet he said this in the States

    @Tarek , my dear I did not say that we have invented Batman heavens forbid
    FYI Batman used to have a very popular TV series in American Batman and Robin in 1960s
    It was used to be aired in the Egyptian TV , my mom still remembers till now
    From there we knew Batman and from there the 1960s cheap cinema thought of using it

  4. Have you been to Luxor? (The hotel)
    I don't think anyone could sue because there are restaurants named Luxor owned by Egyptian people across the US. My friend used to run one in San Diego.
    Luxor is not something you can copyright.
    That would mean Morocco could copyright Casablanca and there would be no movie of that name, no restaurants, no White House (After all it's the translation of Dar al Baidaa/ Casablanca)
    Then There's hotel Paris in Las Vegas. Can Parisians sue for the name use? They would lose in any court.
    Luxor (the hotel) as a matter of fact is a good thing for Egypt, because people who see it might be more tempted to visit the country!
    There's also hotel Sahara in Las Vegas. Should the touaregs sue for the use of the name of their land? And the Touaregs themselves should sue VW for the SUV they named after them... Some names just cannot be considered a property. They're not copyrightable!!

  5. @anonymous , my dear it is not my talk , for me this is a silly thing ,it is Zahi Hawas and co.
    already I know that Luxor hotel is managed by an Egyptian -American in MGM
    look this was another public stunt by Zahi Hawas and others


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